Thursday, July 28, 2016

The 18/52 Art Journal Project July 28th | Topic 31 "Minimalistic"

Alright, lets get busy...its time for another topic for 18/52. 

July 28th | Topic 31

I wanted to challenge myself and see what I can create with little to nothing. I know we only have 18 supplies or a little much less can you get. Well, my whole reasoning behind this topic is, I'm trying to down size and clear out things that I have and figure out if I really need it or not. A lot of that mind set has been going on with me right now and I just wanted to incorporate a minimal, simple piece without much going on, but still make it interesting.

I am working on a painting series that consists of these colors I use and the whole idea is to make this minimalistic, quiet, slightly plain but excessively interesting landscape. I want there to be little to look at but allow the over all look to be interesting. I want to cause viewers to raise questions and talk about how they feel with they look at my paintings. 

This art journal page isn't going to raise questions but it is allowing me to further study the minimalistic style and enjoy a little amount of things to look at.

So lets get started! First off I applied a nice sheet of my underpaper all over the page. I picked a spot in my under paper that wasn't too loud but minimal.

Then I used my diamond stencil I made and traced it with my white pen.

Then I outlined it once again just to define it a bit more.

Strips of gold sparkly washi tape.

Then my blue sky had to come in, giving just a hint or impression of mountains. 

Then I colored in the diamonds with some pale pink acrylic paint.

Then I wrote about what I had in my noggin that day, scribbled and doodled...

...and doodled some more to add that whimsical effect.

And it's finished. I challenge you this week to limit your subject matter. Make a journal spread that is extremely simple and minimal yet still interesting as if it were a busy over the top art journal page. Down size, focus on the little details and see how you interpret minimalistic in this weeks topic.

May God Bless You And May You Bless God!

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