Saturday, June 11, 2016

Why the DLP Unplanner is PERFECT to further your Art!

Do you need a project that stretches your mind and soothes your creative soul, DLP Unplanner 2016 has it all! I'm telling you I thought it was just another planner this year but there are so many more elements to this project that has drastically changed the way I create.

First of all I want to apologize for the EXPLOSION of pictures that are in this blog post, cause CAUTION,'s A LOT!

Rae Missigman and Sandi Keene have given us flip thru videos of there Unplanner books and I have to admit, I've been watching them at least 5 to 6 times already, both of them. And I think a reason why is because they enforce on us to not follow the rules.

Well first of all, they had me at "don't follow the rules" because when I heard that in art when I was little, it set my heart ablaze. I always feared that "wrong" answer in school and when it came to art it was more of a break from that stress. 

So that's something that has helped me in my art, there are no rules. It forces me to do my own thing, look at how I can take one thing and turn it into another. For example when it came to the weekly view pages, I got tired of the same old weekly calendar view look so I jazzed it up by making little flaps for each day which you will see later in these photos. I just try my best to make something that no one else has and it is so much more satisfying!

So when it comes to making artwork in say paintings or ceramics...look at what everyone else is doing and make a deliberate effort to not do what everyone else is doing.  


It's really important to create something everyday in order to grow as an artist. Yeah, that's something that I haven't mastered but, I'm using my Unplanner to do just that. I want to be more disciplined in that area and not allow myself to go without creating in some way or fashion for a long period of time.

So the Unplanner is a great way to create something everyday. It also has so many different elements that doesn't make it boring in any way. I enjoy every challenge and project that comes with each week and it helps the every day creating become more varied and interesting.

So each of these PAC's here (Pocket Art Cards) actually are perfect little practice snippets for techniques you wanna try on other paintings. That is how I am approaching these little beauties because working on a larger format tends to overwhelm and working this small helps me focus on the little details. Then I just apply those little details on a larger scale.

Ahhh I love these PAC cards, they carry the perfect amount of mixed media that makes my heart happy. Little, truly does go a long way.


Now if you follow me at all, my main thing right now is color! Like straight from the tube color where there isn't a lot of mixing. I apply paint in such a way that there is so much of it that doesn't mix together and if it does, it's very rare. 

I want a vortex of color in my Unplanner, that is my plan. Hahaha, don't know why but that sounds funny...or punny. Okay I'm done.

So my Unplanner lets me showcase my obsession over color. It's intoxicating and if you are a true color lover like me, the Unplanner is a perfect place to practice that in all their mixed media challenges and projects. 

The very last thing you need to be is afraid of color when it comes to your art. Embrace it, blow it out of proportion because I believe with the more color, the more lively and joyful your art becomes.

Now when I say blow the color out of proportion, I don't mean use just a few more colors than you usually do, use EVERY color you have...I mean every single one! 

Now I mean, it's your art...I'm not gonna tell you how to use color but if you want that kind of pizazz and excitement then using all of the colors on the color wheel is the way to go!

The Unplanner has proven that to me and its even been proven when people walk into my studio and look at my paintings...they immediatly utter the word color and they aren't unhappy about it. Or at least those who like can't please everyone.

That's also something else I've learned through the Unplanner, you can't please everyone! I believe that when you give up the longing to please everyone...creating suddenly becomes much more freeing and exhilarating. 

I've always wanted to please everyone. To be honest I was afraid of using what I like to call "Lisa Frank Color" because I thought..."Well no man is going to like my's too girly."

Well I don't think my audience is men...I mean they tend to gravitate more to my western landscape paintings and yes even the colorful ones, but when I suddenly said to myself that I need to paint for me and what I like...truly, people started to react more.

My audience is gonna's not going to be everyone! 
Your audience is going to come but you have to understand that it's not going to be everyone! That was tough for me to learn but I promise you it's such a "Aha moment" when you let it all go and just paint for you!

Alright, enough preaching Miranda! Last thing I wanna share with you all are just a few quick tips for all you Unplanner's out there. I've made a quick list that I hope might bring some inspiration.

1. Play with fonts or different kinds of handwriting and don't leave it all to letter what no one else is doing!


3. Pick a theme and run with it throughout the whole book. I've of course got this nature theme going on...what could be your theme?

4. Cut up old Gelli Prints to jumpstart your PAC Cards...I have a pile of them all ready to go. That way you don't have to start with a black white card. Then you can never go wrong with under paper too.

5. The more tactile your pages are the more you will want to flip through your book over and over again. I've also found that when there are more pockets and papers to pull out and flip through makes you Unplanner an interactive playground. Imagine flipping through that kind of stuff 10 to 20 years down the road.

6.This is something that I want to start doing but, I'm taking my sketchbook and practicing and figuring out some doodling that I can start randomly adding to my book, each little mark and doodle really makes the book all the more interesting. Also make sure you put Pinterest and the Unplanner Facebook Page down and away...doodle with what you know not by what other's are doing!

7. Don't forget to Art Journal. I personally am not finding the Dare2B Card all that helpful to me so I'm replacing it with shipping tags full of art journal goodness. So don't forget to just randomly art journal anywhere in the place of something. Adds more opportunity for more color too. Hehehe!

8. What helps me when I'm stomped or if I want to try something knew. I walk around the Office Supply store, AC Moore, Antique Craft Supplies, Target and just look...not buy but look for items you know you can make yourself and alter and make your own. Okay yes maybe buy a few things but when I look at craft supplies I try to study how I can use them and it tends to kickstart a new creative process for me. I know that's a weird one but hey at least I gave you an excuse to head to the craft store.

Here are those tabs I was talking about that I turned into my weekly view. Each open flaps open where I can art journal that day, write about the day and create everyday in just that one little pocket flap. I'll share what they look like all full sometime soon and see if this method might work for me but for now I LOVE it! Something different!

Whew, and there was another one of my overgrown, blown up blog posts with way to many pictures. I hope you guys have gotten something out of all of this and can apply what you create out of this project to your other artwork! Please know that I would love to answer any questions if you have any!

I be here for ya always!

God Bless You and May You Bless God!


  1. Oooooo, Miranda! !!!!! Not too many photos at all!! Loooove your blog post!! RAH RAH! All those delightful snippets are pure magic! So much detail! 😍😍😍

    1. Awwww how sweet Anna, Im pleased to know that you liked it! Thank you for commenting as well!

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  2. Eye candy! Om nom nom. This was so fun to read/look through. Please do a video flip of your un-planner someday soon?