Thursday, June 23, 2016

Angie Raab, Spotlight Artist

Meet Angie Raab! She has been a dear friend of mine for quite some time, almost since I started Clare Plantation. She stuck through it all with me and I am BEYOND honored to showcase her work today at Clare Plantation. Check out some of her pieces below and a few more inspirational ideas she's shared. Thank you Angie, you are a STELLAR artist!


This is one of my first pieces for Lifebook 2016. I hope I can draw some of the boldness from my subject! She was taken from a decorating magazine which had some pretty avant-garde pictures. They create an interesting focal point especially when paired with an image on Stonehenge found in a travel magazine. My hand writing is not particularly good so I enjoy cutting words and phrases from magazines to use.
I used acrylic paint, collaged Japanese paper pieces and stencils.


There are times when you just want to glue stuff down! For no other reason than you enjoy it. Using supplies that are not "precious" allows you to be completely relaxed and go with the creative flow. I made this big pamphlet stitch journal using 3 grocery bags and covered the front and back with collage. I have several of these journals and enjoy the freedom to just "play" in them. The rough surface is fun to work on but of course you can always add a layer of gesso.


 This piece began as a class doodling project using MANY different mediums. Marker, fine line pens, ink, water colors paints, Twinkling H20's. I canned the piece at high resolution and uploaded to and had a yard of fabric made. I mounted this onto a bulletin board and it now hangs at my old workplace.


I wanted to try a galaxy piece but was not happy with the finished product. However, I decided to keep it as is. At the very least it will be a good "jumping off" for something else. I may keep this intact or cut it into pieces. Even the "fails" are valuable-learning AND a beginning for something else.


Oh my goodness, sewing with paper is so much fun. For a workshop in 2015 I created patterned papers. These were then cut up and pieced together just like piecing a fabric quilt. They were bound into a journal and this is the cover I made using hexagonal pieces, with a fun magazine image for interest.
While sewing with paper is a slightly different technique than fabric, it is fun and offers another way to incorporate texture and pattern into your work.


  I needed an image of rocks for a piece I was working on. I googled lots of images, found something I liked. Printed it out, traced it and transferred to a big eraser. (Michael's for only $1!)
While I "know" it is rocks, I can also flip it around and use for random texture too. 


This little journal resides in my traveling box. ("Inspiration Station" inspired by JenniBellie) I work in it when I travel and use what is in my box. Having a limited amount of supplies forces you to just create instead of being overwhelmed with what to use. This is perfect when you are on the road or even if you feel the need to take time out of your usual creative routine. I love vintage trims and enjoyed making a pretty "home" for Mary. 


 This box is full of things that I love to use and inspire me when I am traveling or in need of a different creative direction for a while. As you can see, the top is full of all the little things such as embellishments, stickers, tags, broken jewelry pieces for dangles, brads etc. The main compartment hold zip lock bags with background paper, images, stamps, ink pad, water color crayons and a travel water holder. Two hinged compartments on each side hold more tools, scissors, tape, mini stapler, brushes, etc.


I took all sorts of bits and pieces with no plan in mind and started layering. The postage stamps across the bottom are from the UK and the faces were so intent (focused) and that's what gave me the idea to add that word on the front. I have used tissue paper, postage and rubber stamps. The random background began as a large piece of watercolor paper covered in random acrylic, texture and inky splots. I folded it to create a book and then outlined the edges with gesso. The book has multiple pockets on the top and sides to house booklets, tags, notes, etc.

If you like to be featured on Clare Plantation's Blog as a Spotlight Artist please email me at I'd love to show you off as much as I can!

Thanks again Angie for sharing your beautiful work, I hope others have become inspired as much as I have. Take care!

May God Bless You and May You Bless God!


  1. So honored to be featured on your blog Miranda! I hope I have inspired some people to create AND play too!

  2. Well, how fun!! Love it! :)

  3. Hi Angie - your work is always so inspiring, fun and creative! I love it!

  4. WOW!!! Great stuff from a great gal! Thanks for sharing her work. PLAY is so very important...