Thursday, June 9, 2016

18/52 Art Journal Project, June 9th | Topic 24 "Soul"

Oooooooo weee, I am so pleased with this spread! I'm gonna be honest, I couldn't find my mojo or my particular groove when making these page for 18/52. I was getting bored with my own pages and I wanted to make sure that this week, it was a page that I would be truly passionate about. I think I hit the nail on the head!

Topic 23 | June 9th


I fished through Pinterest for interesting words because I think I was also getting bored with my topics. I was picking from my list manually and not pulling a word out of a pot or anything. Plus I didn't want to feel tied down to that one word just because I pulled it out of a pot. So I looked for words that describe nature or offer a certain feeling. 

I think when you are given a certain word like an object or a's hard to branch off and do your own thing or create something that is more based on a feeling. Because when I picked out say a hat or a deer...that's all I can create or my mind doesn't allow me to wander because I am so focused's gotta look like a deer or a hat. 

This way I can let me mind roam free by choosing words that evoke a sense of feeling and expression.
I choose the word soul because I cannot express to you how much I just hunger and ache to be out west. I know I talk about it all the time and that my artwork is just swamped with deserts, majestic mountains and red rocks. My family and I are going up north this year and although I am looking very forward to it, deep down I know all I will want to do it turn the steering wheel west, I'm not gonna lie! 

So, enough about my longings, they will come in due time! I just want to encourage everyone, who just might be losing their steam for this project to re invent the wheel, drastically change the way you create your pages, look at a topic differently and search for a new kind of word that might really set your soul on fire. Take this time to really study new vocabulary and how they effect you artistically. I know it's cast a different effect on me and I know for the better!

Alright guys last little bit here, BritChickny NY won the topic challenge for week! WHAOOOO! In the following weeks we will get to gaze upon your beautiful work! Don't forget to keep an eye out on our Facebook feed for other challenges that have fun art journaling prizes attached to them.  

Be sure to check out the Watch the Process video I have for you this week.  Hope you enjoy!

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