Thursday, June 16, 2016

18/52 Art Journal Project, June 16th | Topic 25 "Smultronstalle"

Topic 25 I will have to say is a strange one but I really wanted to dive into some different words this week. I literally searched on Pinterest nature words and this is one that came up.

JUNE 16th - TOPIC 25
(hahaha not at all what you were excepting am I right?)

Alright to keep you from passing out at the sight of this word, I thought I might show you how I'm going to use my little book that I made in my 18/52 Art Journal Project Mixed Media Box. You can check out the two part video series HERE for Part 1 and HERE for Part 2.

Super simple but the only thing I wanna do is just sketch out words and ideas that will spark a new and interesting topic for the week. You can see the process of this little book below.

Yeah the cover of this storage box for my 18/52 supplies is quite yummy to look at everytime I get to work on this project. 

Take a quick peek inside!

Alright now it's time to get back to work. So this may not even be a real word but I'm going to role with it. Smultronstalle, if you didn't check out the pin on pinterest that I found in the link above, means a special place discovered, treasured or returned to for solace and relaxation. 

The forest...DUH...haha!
Check out the process below.

I'm glad I paused here and took a quick picture of this moment before all the leaves and trees showed up. I just love the simplicity of this and how quiet it looks. It made me happy to look at.

But adding the trees and leaves made it all come together quite nicely! Oooooo weeeee...another topic that I truly love. I feel much more confident in my pages now!

I really am looking forward to seeing your reaction to this word. I keep feeling like it's just a made up word but hey...those kind of words are still fun. Have fun guys and keep on keepin on...everyone's topics and artwork truly is beautiful and so creative!



  1. Hey Miranda, I looked up that word. It's Swedish and means lovely little spot or hidden secret part.

    1. YEAY!! SO I wasn't wrong! Whew! Thanks BritChickNY!