Thursday, May 26, 2016

18/52 Art Journal Project - Topic 22 "Outside"

Topic 22 | May 26th

Ooooo weeee, my schedule has been thrown out of wack here lately! I can't complain because yesterday I spend the whole day with my grandma and aunt antique shopping. We have way to much fun together. Then I lost my video that I edited for this weeks Topic 22 due to a power outage, choir practices are finished, my sister is having to stay at school for her E-term, my work schedule is way different and everything just feels...weird. Anyone ever have that feeling? Everything is just suddenly different and for me it's kinda unsettling. 

Aaaahhh, it's no big deal though but that's a little snipet of my life right now. So, I hate to say that there isn't a video this week. But I do want to tell you that I have a fun and different tutorial video planned for you next week involving our 18/52 Art Journal Project Supplies and Journal. 
 So there is something to look forward to and I hope you will enjoy!


Okay so back to Topic 22. "Outside"...I know your probably thinking..."Miranda REALLY...something to do with nature AGAIN."

YEAAAAAHHH! (she admits shyly)

I'm really can not tell you how green it is in Virginia right now. I was up on the mountain yesterday and saw Buffalo mountain and felt my heart just yearn to be a top it again. Then with my new found craze with Georgia O'Keeffe, I seriously feel a deep whole inside me needing to be filled with the sights of a desert and high rock formations. 

I wanna be outside so much right now and just forget the world. I'm at a desk A LOT, and I need to run outside and gather new inspiration. 

So this whole spread started with a blob of smooched paint. If you look at the mountains behind those trees, you can see some of the gold paint that I started off with. Of course, I turned them into mountains, gave it a ground with my green neocolor crayon and then added my flower stamps and did something completely different with them.

I turned the petals of my flower stamp into leaves. Now that is something I don't think I would have done, had I not worked with fewer materials. Of course I painted them in with different colors but then outlined them with my neocolor crayon. Then the very last thing I did was add strips of under paper to represent surprise there.

My under paper, p.s. has been disappearing on my a lot here lately so if you see new strips of under paper it's because they keep getting away from me. Hahaha! 

I hope you all are having beautiful weather where you live as much as I am here in Virginia. Let it fill you up and feed you like a good meal. I've read somewhere, and I might have shared this before but nothing wrong in sharing it again since we might have newbies reading today, "God gave us two things to is the Bible and the second is nature!

Read it like you never have done before!

May God Bless You and May You Bless God! 


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