Thursday, May 12, 2016

18/52 Art Journal Project - May 12th | Topic 20 - "Watercoloring"

Hey Everyone!

Ready for Topic 20, it's a different one. Well sort of.

May 12th | Topic 20


I have been obsessing over watering down mediums over top of gesso, so I decided to make it a topic. I am really stretching the boundaries of topics but, I think I pulled it off well enough.

So first step was to cover the whole page full of Gesso. I lathered it on there and made sure that I got enough texture and tooth to let the watered down mediums shine on. You can see a slight close up below of the texture I was trying to accomplish.

So then the following step I took was to take the bottom of my paint brush and dig in the wet Gesso a scalloped border. Can you see it?

After that, it make come as no surprise to you, I started drawing mountain ranges. I think mountains are turning into my new deer.

So I drew the mountain range with my stabilo marks all brown pencil and then watered it down. The graphite watered down on textured gesso just makes my heart sing! Following that mountain range I continued adding more.

Not really thinking much about it, I added both blue and green Neocolor into the scalloped border I drew into the gesso. I added both blue and green because I wanted a blue green color to mimic gemstones in the ground below the mountains. 

After that, I added some brown stabilo behind the scallop border and I really liked how it suddenly started to pop off the page. Following that I added some watered down pink paint into another scallop border. 

With a gold triangle border, this adds a slight aztec/native american vibe to the whole page which I am quite partial too...DUH! Hahaha!  

Aaaahhhh so simple, I think I say that every week but even when I say to myself that I want to make the page busy, I just can't because I like how simple and clean it is on the page. I miss busy pages though...I've got to try it next week. 

SWEET MOTHER OF JEFFERSON DAVIS! I love watered down mediums! That blue green color watered down and then the stabilo watered down...I CAN'T GET ENOUGH!

Alright guys, look for a video for Topic 21. My goals are to create another process video for your guys and to create a much more involved and busy page!

Challenge accepted!

May God Bless You and May You Bless God!


  1. Well, I think this is so cool! Doesn't need to be busy! :)

  2. Thanks Anna, I really think it was the easiest one I have ever done but I loved the outcome. Thank you for commenting like you do!