Thursday, May 26, 2016

18/52 Art Journal Project - Topic 22 "Outside"

Topic 22 | May 26th

Ooooo weeee, my schedule has been thrown out of wack here lately! I can't complain because yesterday I spend the whole day with my grandma and aunt antique shopping. We have way to much fun together. Then I lost my video that I edited for this weeks Topic 22 due to a power outage, choir practices are finished, my sister is having to stay at school for her E-term, my work schedule is way different and everything just feels...weird. Anyone ever have that feeling? Everything is just suddenly different and for me it's kinda unsettling. 

Aaaahhh, it's no big deal though but that's a little snipet of my life right now. So, I hate to say that there isn't a video this week. But I do want to tell you that I have a fun and different tutorial video planned for you next week involving our 18/52 Art Journal Project Supplies and Journal. 
 So there is something to look forward to and I hope you will enjoy!


Okay so back to Topic 22. "Outside"...I know your probably thinking..."Miranda REALLY...something to do with nature AGAIN."

YEAAAAAHHH! (she admits shyly)

I'm really can not tell you how green it is in Virginia right now. I was up on the mountain yesterday and saw Buffalo mountain and felt my heart just yearn to be a top it again. Then with my new found craze with Georgia O'Keeffe, I seriously feel a deep whole inside me needing to be filled with the sights of a desert and high rock formations. 

I wanna be outside so much right now and just forget the world. I'm at a desk A LOT, and I need to run outside and gather new inspiration. 

So this whole spread started with a blob of smooched paint. If you look at the mountains behind those trees, you can see some of the gold paint that I started off with. Of course, I turned them into mountains, gave it a ground with my green neocolor crayon and then added my flower stamps and did something completely different with them.

I turned the petals of my flower stamp into leaves. Now that is something I don't think I would have done, had I not worked with fewer materials. Of course I painted them in with different colors but then outlined them with my neocolor crayon. Then the very last thing I did was add strips of under paper to represent surprise there.

My under paper, p.s. has been disappearing on my a lot here lately so if you see new strips of under paper it's because they keep getting away from me. Hahaha! 

I hope you all are having beautiful weather where you live as much as I am here in Virginia. Let it fill you up and feed you like a good meal. I've read somewhere, and I might have shared this before but nothing wrong in sharing it again since we might have newbies reading today, "God gave us two things to is the Bible and the second is nature!

Read it like you never have done before!

May God Bless You and May You Bless God! 


Thursday, May 19, 2016

18/52 Art Journal Project - Topic 21 "Paint"

Good Afternoon Everyone!

*Just to make clear to everyone, I have messed up on editing today's video. If you notice in the actual video the title at the beginning says topic 20...there is my mess up! THIS WEEK IS TOPIC 21...just to make things clear*

Okay! So this week I am working with A LOT of paint and I'm kind putting gesso in the pot of all of this as well.

So check out the video here below:

Topic 21 | May 19th

I really wanted a busy page this week. I wanted to get more in depth. I wanted to pile the gesso on so thick that when I dried it with a hair dryer it would give me cracks, which unfortunately didn't show in the video...DANG IT! It really was so cool though!

Then after a nice layer of blue and green Neocolor, I added LOADS of paint. I moved it around with the end of my brush and with the brush part as the same time. I scraped and swirled because I wanted to just focus on what all paint can really do.

I love it when there are layers of paint to run your fingers over when it's all dry. The over all page has such a energetic flow to it that I am pleased with. The sunburst parts where my favorite.

I attempted to give this abstract swirly mess a ground with a slight touch of a horizon line in the far off distance. That's my landscape side constantly wanted to come out. I tell you though...there is something about adding a horizon line that just seems to set the whole page in place...give the subject something to sit on.

Although, I did like the abstract swirly mess by itself, it needed something to completely finish it all off and my flower stamp did the trick. You can still see a lot of the paint and swirly details through the flower but all together I think just seems work so much better. Just image a flower with all that detail, swirl and design all in it. Ahhhh...happiness.

I will have to admit, I've had Georgia O'Keeffe on my mind here of late and I can't help but see this as an art journal version of her paintings. A good example I think would be maybe her skull over the desert ground. Yeah, I'm obsessing over her work right now. I had no idea she did so many great western landscape paintings. I always thought she just painted a bunch of flowers.

Anyways, rant over! I hope you all are inspired to drag a loaded brush of paint across your paper. Dig through paint, smooch it, swirl it...and just have fun figuring out just what paint can really do.

May God Bless You and May You Bless God!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

18/52 Art Journal Project - May 12th | Topic 20 - "Watercoloring"

Hey Everyone!

Ready for Topic 20, it's a different one. Well sort of.

May 12th | Topic 20


I have been obsessing over watering down mediums over top of gesso, so I decided to make it a topic. I am really stretching the boundaries of topics but, I think I pulled it off well enough.

So first step was to cover the whole page full of Gesso. I lathered it on there and made sure that I got enough texture and tooth to let the watered down mediums shine on. You can see a slight close up below of the texture I was trying to accomplish.

So then the following step I took was to take the bottom of my paint brush and dig in the wet Gesso a scalloped border. Can you see it?

After that, it make come as no surprise to you, I started drawing mountain ranges. I think mountains are turning into my new deer.

So I drew the mountain range with my stabilo marks all brown pencil and then watered it down. The graphite watered down on textured gesso just makes my heart sing! Following that mountain range I continued adding more.

Not really thinking much about it, I added both blue and green Neocolor into the scalloped border I drew into the gesso. I added both blue and green because I wanted a blue green color to mimic gemstones in the ground below the mountains. 

After that, I added some brown stabilo behind the scallop border and I really liked how it suddenly started to pop off the page. Following that I added some watered down pink paint into another scallop border. 

With a gold triangle border, this adds a slight aztec/native american vibe to the whole page which I am quite partial too...DUH! Hahaha!  

Aaaahhhh so simple, I think I say that every week but even when I say to myself that I want to make the page busy, I just can't because I like how simple and clean it is on the page. I miss busy pages though...I've got to try it next week. 

SWEET MOTHER OF JEFFERSON DAVIS! I love watered down mediums! That blue green color watered down and then the stabilo watered down...I CAN'T GET ENOUGH!

Alright guys, look for a video for Topic 21. My goals are to create another process video for your guys and to create a much more involved and busy page!

Challenge accepted!

May God Bless You and May You Bless God!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

18/52 Art Journal Project - May 5th | Topic 19 - "Bark"


I had so much fun with this video and creating this spread.

So no need for a super long blog post about my Topic 19, check out this video for a full walk thru on how I created this spread. Hope you ENJOY!

I thought you guys might stand the wait if there was a video to show for it! Haha!

May 5th | Topic 19