Thursday, March 3, 2016

18/52 Art Journal Project - Topic 10 | March 3rd

 Goooooood Morning Everyone and Happy March!
Time to get started on Topic 10!

If you don't follow me on Facebook or Instagram, yesterday I asked what you think the topic 10 might be by looking at a sneak peek photo I posted. The one who guessed the right topic will be able to have their artwork featured in my next main video on my YouTube Channel. 

Chris Gromann

So look forward to seeing some of her AMAZING ART in my next video! Congrats Chris!

So keep your eyes pealed for similar sneak peek contest and I might just throw in extra goodies here and there.

Alright back to the topic this week.

March 3rd | Topic 10

I have been eyeballing this particular picture on pinterest and I had this in my head while I was working on this spread. Pretty wild right?

Check out more of Zander Olsen's Photography HERE.

Check out how I created this weeks page in this little video. 

I have ALWAYS loved that reaction of "wait WHAAAAAT". This particular spread really works for me. It makes sense but then it doesn't.

I had to show this part off because look at the delicious texture when I ran the Neocolors over top the textured paint. Yummy right?

The reason why I have been kinda obsessing over the detail of a birch tree bark is because it is just so out of the ordinary. It's bark has such gorgeous contrast with black and white. When we traveled out west last year and I saw birch trees whizzing by I just got all excited. I don't know trees are just a huge part of my life in that they hide me away from the world when I'm at home. They are I guess my security blanket.

This is by far my most favorite page spread in my 18/52 art journal right now! The texture, the colors, composition! Everything! I even have like this weird fondness towards the effect you get when watered down charcoal or watercolor dries. It just leaves a filmy layer I really enjoy. You know what I mean?

Alright guys! We are now in March and growing closer to our three month switch of 18 supplies. For those of you who have stuck it out and kept all 18 supplies, KODOS TO YOU! I have failed to keep all of mine until the end of March BUT when I switch them out again, I will make SURE that I do not switch until June. It's not required but I want to challenge myself and I also need to think out my supplies a heck of a lot better.

CONGRATULATIONS CHRIS GROMANN! Look forward to showing you off the week after next!

Also, just for fun! If you are a part of the Facebook Group Clare Plantation The Studio now (same thing as the drawing room, I just changed it for future blog changes), post which page spread is your FAVORITE as of yet and why! I'd love to see all of your proud accomplishments!

May God Bless You and May You Bless God!

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