Thursday, February 25, 2016

18/52 Art Journal Project - Topic 9 | February 25th

February 25th Topic 9


Oh my goodness have I been working my tail off this week. I saw a post by the lovely Alisa Burke on her blog HERE last week and I really started defining and writing about what can make Clare Plantation unique. I started thinking about my goals and what I can do better. 

Well one thing that I wanted to do better was the format/presentation of my 18/52 Art Journal Project. I wanted a better intro to my videos. I wanted them to be more interesting to watch so I worked up a quick video for you to see what I've done. I've still got a long, LONG way to go and I know for a fact that I am NO graduate film student but it's I guess a hobby I just simply enjoy.

So check out this quick video of my process and a little depth on WHO! inspired me to create such a page.

Thank you so much for participating everyone! Take care the rest of this week!
May God Bless You and May you Bless God!

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  1. Hi, lovely! Great video, and your leaves are wonderful!