Thursday, February 11, 2016

18/52 Art Journal Project - Topic 7 | February 11th

February 11th Topic 7


 I really wanted to make this page, one that I liked. I've been struggling wither or not to make these pages pretty for you guys or to make them raw and just sketchy. I haven't been practicing what I've preached but I've just got to force myself to simplify and experiment in this journal!

 So I fixed some tea and got super ready to make my Topic 7 journal page.

 So I really like my supplies I chose for this month and I'm going to keep it up in using them. To check out my newly switched supplies you can go HERE.

This gelli plate has been working wonders for me this week as I learned a new technique that I have been obsessing over. Check it out. 

Place a blob of different colors on the gelli plate and then smooch it on the page without spreading it out with a brayer.

Look at that vein like texture. Gosh I love that.

Then I just kept adding layers and layers all over the page creating that same effect. I also printed a corner of the gelli plate to make a sharp point for the mountain theme I was going for.

Then I added some gesso above the mountain range to give the "future" sky I put there a bit of texture and tooth to grab onto.

I laid that underpaper piece beside my working area because I truly was so excited to use it. My plan was to make another mountain out of it by tearing it.

Random side note, funny how this little orange blob looks like Africa.

Then I glued this bad boy down and I like how the warm and cool colors are at play here.

 The texture in the mountain range closest to us is what really gets me! Uugh I could run my fingers over it all day long!

So now it's time for the sky I mentioned. I lathered the Neo Color Crayons on there and then watered them down with my flat brush.

That purplish blue color worked PERFECTLY next to that orangey pink color! Delicious!

Then I used my Stabilo to make the mountains pop a bit more and I think that did the trick.

This was pretty darn simple and I really just didn't want to add much more to it. I think with this page I got more of that experimenting down. I'm getting the hang of it.

I hope you guys are enjoying this project! 

May God Bless You and May You Bless God!

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