Thursday, February 4, 2016

18/52 Art Journal Project - Topic 6 | February 4th

Alright, I fell into the trap of wanting to change my supplies after a month but I really want to make these supply choices stretch as much as possible. Plus I ordered some NeoColor Crayons last week and I just couldn't resist using them this week.

This journal is lookin' mighty fine don't you think? Hahaha!

February 4th Topic 6


Check out the Process Below

This result wasn't my favorite, I need to get in the swing of this project. It's a drastic change from large, elaborate art journal pages to tiny, sketchy art journal pages. I'm gonna admit, I miss that but this is really challenging me! I'm gonna get it right here soon. Hope that makes sense.

I think it's also because I don't like the hefty amount of orange. Not my favorite color on it's own.

I tell ya, my favorite part was using my handcarved stamp. P.S. look forward to a new stamp collection soon! Hehehe!

May God Bless You and May You Bless God!


  1. Great! I'm sticking with the same products for three months, I think. I want to see what I can all come up with.

  2. Go for it Anna! I know you will do fabulous!