Saturday, January 23, 2016

"A Late" 18/52 Art Journal Project - Topic 4 | January 21st

This snow storm really just threw me out of my system. I didn't plan well and I do apologize! But here it is as promised, Topic 4!

January | Topic 4

Everytime I think of the word Queen, I think of Queen of the Forest. Deep down I just enjoy that fantastical, magical side of the forest. There was a pin on Pinterest once that had all these scenes of romantic moments in Disney movies all happening in the forest pilled up in one long pin and at the bottom it said, "I need to hang out in the forest more"

So, let's just say that this little 24 year old who just loves the mystery of the forest, hopes to find her Prince Charming one day.

I'm trying to sketch so much more here lately so I started off with this Renaissance styled queen in a forest.

Then I took a charcoal pencil and darkened the background to add to the mysterious look. Now before I drew the figure I planted a pile of gesso on with my finger, so when I added more charcoal...

...remnants of my finger print markings in the gesso shined through like wood. Wouldn't have learned that had I used a smooth brush. 

But I decided to calm it down some by spreading water over the gesso. This way I got a more misty look as if she stood in a cloudy day in the forest.

Then of course, she needed some color to brighten it up a bit. So I used blue and green acrylic paint for her dress and hair pieces and then gold acrylic paint for her hair and shimmer in the twig crown cause what Queen doesn't want shimmer in her crown.

But it was looking a bit dull so I took one of my pens and defined the figure and crown more.

I'm really liking how this project has forced me to not stress over making the pages perfect. It's so quick and simple working so limited in supplies and journal page space. 

This page spread was a success for me and I hope yours are going well too and you are getting something out of it. Our first month is almost up and your pages are looking beyond STELLAR! Keep it up guys!

May God Bless You and May You Bless God!

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