Monday, January 11, 2016

Favorites from DLP Journal 2015

Top of the Monday to ya fellow Clare Plantation Followers. Thought I might share my all time favorite pages from 
The Documented Life Project Journal 2015.

These are my favorites but I'm curious, which one was your favorite? I sure did learn a lot through this project and I just love having a stuffed journal full of memories of 2015.

I like this page because it was about the goals I set for 2015 and three of them were met so its a feel good kind of page!

This page is above all my favorite because it brought in a lot of exposure for Clare Plantation and it just set the stage for my style to be what it is today!

This self portrait was fun because I couldn't believe I painted it after I finished.

I don't know I just like that stacked mountain.

 I just really really enjoy every single speak of this page. The deer, the colors, the trees, the flowers...there is no end!

This page was an accomplishment for me because I really wanted to get a good composition down and I think I nailed it! 

It's a funky deer pulled from a scrap of left over paint, I can't help but love it!

This one just makes me smile! A funky galaxy and a desert with rock formation. What more could I ask for!

I was really inspired after exploring Jeanne Oliver's style and drew my Dad. This is something I will always treasure!

I like this one because I commemorated my last grandpa who I look up to so much!'s a cowboy...nough said!

I just had way to much fun creating this page!

This was a fun release of my wild self that I tend to hide a lot.

The result of this surprised me!

This one was just a relaxing page to create after a long period of time where I didn't touch my journal.

And of course my cover! This is by far my favorite cover of any journals I have ever created! 

I have decided I am not going to continue my journey with the DLP anymore. I would like to continue in my own journey and I think right now that is the 18/52 Project. But what I have learned with the DLP has been beyond AMAZING! A lot of my success is all owed to the Documented Life Project and the friends I have made there, I am forever grateful!

May God Bless You and May You Bless God!


  1. "A funky galaxy and a desert with rock formation" = awesome!!! Would love to see how you did that background, even a speed video would do.

    1. SURE, it's super easy! I'll put that in the plans to make a quick time lapse video for ya!