Thursday, January 14, 2016

18/52 Art Journal Project - Topic 3 | January 14th

Alright since last week I bombarded you all with lots of words, lets just get straight to the point.

January | Topic 3


This one started off as a great idea but it didn't really end up the way I wanted it, but that's what this project is about, practice and learning from what you don't like.

So not realizing it, I grabbed my scissors and used them when they weren't one of my supplies, so I decided to switch out my gold pen for the scissors. I know shame shame everyone knows my name! But if something like this happens to any of you don't feel like your are obligated to just 18 supplies. If you want to switch anything out you can just try to challenge yourself to keep up with as much of the same supplies within this three month period.

So I've seen these kind of images of pinterest and I wanted to give it a try. I want to do it again but now I know how to do it even better!

May God Bless You and May You Bless God!


  1. That's really neat, Miranda! I love the cactus! You switched out the scissors! *gasp ;) Thanks for your inspiration!

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  3. Very creative! I like how that "turned" out! Hahaha! Pun intended! It's absolutely beautiful! I think that was a brave decision to swap out materials. Good for you! Thank you for the post on the blog!