Thursday, January 7, 2016

18/52 Art Journal Project - Topic 2 | January 7th

Alright, week two is here.  

I wanted to run over a few things that have been rolling around in my head this first week. First off I want everyone to know that even though this project is called an Art Journaling Project, it really is a LOOOOOW key kind of Art Journaling Project. What I mean by that is I want you to not worry so much about creating a final composition or finished painting. I am designing this project around the idea of a sketchbook but we are souping it up a little. 

All I want you to focus on more is the actual studying of the topics instead of the perfect completion of a page as if it were a painting. Now if you want to create final composition or painting like pages, I'm not going to stop you. If that is your deepest and strongest desire to create pages as such then party hardy all you want. Just try and balance the two...studying and pretty painting like pages.

Does that make sense?

This will also take away the stress of using only 18 supplies to create your perfect page. This project in all honesty is far from perfect, really it's all about the raw stuff made to look pretty.

Alright so with that all explained probably really badly, here is Topic 2 below:

January | Topic 2


So first I sketched this scene of a meadow out.

Next I started painting the ground with all the colors I had in my 18 supplies.

Now as you can see, I'm getting a little composition pretty. I realize that the idea of just studying something may be a little difficult since I've come fresh out of the pretty Art Journaling scene. But it's something I'm gonna push myself even harder to do.

So then I started painting trees.

Then I saw that the trees needed to stand out against the ground so I added some graphite and charcoal in the trees to darken them. Then I went back in and brushed over them with water.

Then I added some gesso to look like clouds over the trees and my floral stamp at the bottom.

Then I wrote "The Meadow, God's Minor Chord"

My Dad said to me once that nature is in a minor chord and when Jesus comes back to take us home, everything will be brought make to it's original major chord. Something to think about and really be hopeful and excited about. So I thought the meadow was the best example of that. 

Alright thanks for checking out my topic 2 this week. Of what I have seen on the Clare Plantation Drawing Room Facebook Page, your pages are AMAZING and your supplies are very clever and surprisingly different! You da BOSS!

Keep it up guys, we've only got 50 more weeks of this year! Haha!

May God Bless You and May You Bless God!


  1. Love your step-out, Miranda. Beautiful scene, beautiful words. Amen, sista! Since my colors are not nature colors, I could go out on a limb and try a meadow with funky colors, right? You've inspired me to try a nature scene, in my own way...whoot! Thank you, lovely!

  2. Ooooo and I can't wait to see what it looks like, that's such a great idea, not letting your colors choices restrict the kind of scene you wanna create. Now you've inspired me!

  3. That's very beautiful. I enjoyed reading your blog post today. Thank you for sharing the sentiment about your Dad. He sounds like a very knowledgeable & peaceful man. I really like this piece. The gesso that you added almost reminds me of fog instead of clouds. I am going to borrow this idea for my piece, if you don't mind. :)

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Yeah I love having those kind of talks with my Dad. I cannot tell you how after I finish talking with him I feel like "Yeah that makes sense". My faith becomes beautifully stronger because of his strong faith and belief in it. Yes fog is another word and probably a better one! I'd love to see what you do with this idea! Hope to see it soon! Thank you!