Friday, January 1, 2016

18/52 Art Journal Project - Topic 1 | January 1st

It's OFFICAL! 18/52 Art Journal Project starts RIGHT NOW!

So I've got my box of 18 supplies ready to go as I talked about in my set up video (which is still uploading, that's what I get when I live in the woods and the internet is slower than a sloth with a cold on Sunday). I'll let you know when the video is uploaded as soon as I humanly can. It'll make the days releases stretch a little longer.

My journal is all ready and 52 topics are all planned so here is my very first topic for this week.

January | Topic 1

All right now if you have NO inspiration what so ever towards my topic about wood then choose you own. Some quick ways to brainstorm for your own topic is to fish through you own pinterest boards (if you have a pinterest). That is how I planned my topics. 

Alright now I have created my first spread and I hardly thought about it at all. All I did was think of wood and what might come out when I thought about it. What do I know about it already, how does it look when drawn, what different ways can I draw wood? 

Here are the steps I took in creating my page.

No brush in my 18 supplies so I used my finger.

Makes for great texture anyway when using my finger.

No sissors in my 18 supplies so I tore up my sheets of underpaper.

  I drew with a wet graphite pencil and then smudged it around with a wet brush in areas around the page.

This was my favorite part. One because I sketched here more than I  have ever done before and it got done quickly because of how small my journal is.


Not too bad for the first page spread of the project.

I can not tell you how releaving it was to work with so little. I looked upon the white page with much more confidence because I didn't have to choose from so much to get started. Narrowing the choices of supplies made it easier for me to focus on what I can do with each supply. I think this is gonna work out well! I hope it will for you too.

I'm not thrilled about the outcome of the extended birch tree bark but it's something I know now not to do again. So throughout this week I will sketch off to the side what I like most about wood and what new things I can do that resemble wood. Hope that makes sense.

Alright, now it's your turn! Join my facebook page HERE to share your page spread, your supplies or topics if you wish!

Most importantly HAVE FUN! Stressing about what 18 supplies to use or what topics to list is not allowed and actually FORBIDDEN! 

Can't WAIT to see what you create!

May God Bless You and May You Bless God!


  1. Miranda!!! I LOVE LOVE your page! I love the white and neutrals, the touch of black, then the POP of turquoise! Yummeeeee!

  2. Awww so glad you do! Thank you so much!

  3. Great page! Excited to start art journaling... I don't do face book, but plan to follow along with you on your blog. I may start a board on pinterest to post them;) thanks for the inspiration!
    Can't wait to watch your video...
    Happy New Year!

  4. Beautiful page! One of my favourite works of art made by you. I'm gonna join, next week. Working on my project life at the moment, I'm almost halfway...