Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Clare Plantation's 18/52 Art Journal Project 2016 Introduction

 Welcome to Clare Plantation's First Group Project called
18/52 Art Journal Project 2016!

I have been rattling away trying to figure out a fresh and unique yearly art journal group project that I can offer to the followers of Clare Plantation. I want viewers and participants to grow here and I think this project will do just the trick!

Check out further details below in just three easy steps:

Step 1. Pick a Journal: Choose your own journal, be it a store bought, handmade or antique book anything can work for this project. Set aside 52 pages or page spreads, whatever is your preference. Below are examples that can get you inspired on choosing a journal.

 Composition notebooks, Children's Board Books, Antique books.

The Dylusion's Art Journal

Regular Novel Books and Barnes and Noble Journals

Even a regular Mixed Media Sketchbook

 You really want to make sure you enjoy your journal because you will be working in them all year! Decorate them and destroy them with color and your own style!


Step 2. 18 Supplies: (see where the 18 comes from) Now this is where it gets a little involved. Go through your stash and find 18 supplies that you are completely mad about. Place them in a box, in a small section of your art table where ever and only use them for three months in this project. After three months (within a year there are 4 three months session) change up your 18 supplies. You can pull from your stash new supplies, take out supplies that you learn you really don't like, buy new supplies that you have on your personal wishlist but, you must only use 18 supplies.  Use the new 18 supplies for the next 3 months and repeat the process.

When I say supplies, that includes everything from water to Dylusions Ink Sprays. Everything from the bare essentials to the extravagant toys. So a paint color or a water color is one supply. *But if that is just something you really can't do then don't challenge yourself harder than you think you can handle.* Use the set of paint or watercolor if you absolutly have to! This is to force yourself to really study what supplies you like and don't like. Use this project to clean your studio out in a creative way or start building your studio and not get overwhelmed by all the supplies on the market!

Step 3. 52 Topics: (See where 52 comes in) Last step is to write out a list of 52 topics, things, ideas, quotes, colors, techniques ANYTHING and cut them up into little strips. Store them in a box, envelope or any place that can hold your topics in a special place. Each week pick a topic from your pile and create a journal page from that. 52 weeks of topics to cover the entire year. You can change your topics during the year at anytime, its not set in stone because your tastes do change. Don't forget you can repeat topics too!

Now if you want to follow along with me I will be offering 52 topics here on my blog every Thursday along with my art journal page result. I will only be giving one word topics because that is all I wanna focus on for me personally this year, a one word subject matter/topic. 

So, does this sound like fun!

Alright so now all you have to do is join my Facebook page, 
Clare Plantation Drawing Room. 
Here you will join with members to collaborate and gather ideas of different collections of 18 supplies and 52 topics. You can also share your work on this Facebook page as well.

As far as Clare Plantation's participation, I will be as mentioned above, offering 52 topics of my own along with my art journal pages every week on my blog that you can follow. I will also be providing update videos on my 4 three month session art journal pages, 18 supplies and just over all update on the project process.

After this project has started, which will be on Jan 1st, I will offer a Set Up Video on my YouTube Channel showing you how I set up my 18 supplies, decorate my journal, store my 52 topics and a few more ideas on how I want to individualize my journal for my growth this year as an artist. I will also be offering some exciting packages through my Etsy shop that are completely optional but they will be talked about in my Set Up Video.

So here is a Calender of how the Project will be laid out, it might also make more sense this way by having visuals.

January 1st - 18/52 Project Begins!

March 31st - Change Up 18 Supplies.
Clare Plantation's Update Video.

June 30th - Change Up 18 Supplies.
Clare Plantation's Update Video.

September 30th - Change Up 18 Supplies.
Clare Plantation's Update Video.

December 31st - Change Up 18 Supplies.
Clare Plantation's Update Video.

*Every Thursday Clare Plantation's 52 Topic and Art Journal Page will be posted on Blog!*

Now this is a brand new project and I want to hear question if you have any. If you have multiple question let me know. Comment below so that other's can learn from your own questions. Eventually I will create a FAQ page if it does become extensive!


What you can start on now is creating your 18 supplies and 52 topics right now and have them ready by January 1st or wait for my topics to be published on January 1st here on my Blog. I hope you join me and we grow as a HUGE group by the end of this year. So share this blog post, let everyone know about it if you think they might enjoy it!

Can't WAIT to get started! 

May God Bless You and May You Bles God!