Monday, November 9, 2015

Paintings in Depth!

Hey guys, I thought it might be nice to take this time and explain my paintings from my most recent body of work. Hope you all enjoy!

After the Rain

This painting is a "in the moment" painting. I was at my grandmother's house and just after the rain had let up, off in the field beside her house I saw this beautiful moment of mist nezzled in the trees just below the sunset. My grandmother pointed it out to me and I literally sprinted to the spot to take a picture. The moment I took the picture the mist had melted away and everything had changed. The evening was moving quickly and I caught that one moment of the mist after the rain. 

While I am at my grandmother's, I tend to cherish each and every moment. Time has been slipping away quickly here for me lately. My grandfather passed two years ago and ever sense then, the time that I spend with the rest of my grandparents are special because I don't get to have that time with them forever. After the Rain reminds me of a wonderful day at my grandparents house and with the rest of the family. It was in the moment and a memory I will always have.

If you have a memory that you caught through pictures and you can't help but smile because of that wonderful memory, then this painting is for you!


Galaxy Canyon

This particular painting will fit perfectly in your home and will start up interesting conversations with viewers. I actually collaged the composition of this painting even before I painted it. First I fished through an old astronomy magazine and found beautiful images of galaxy photos. Then I went through a travelers magazine and found this hiker sitting near a rock arch in the Arches National Park in Utah. So I cut out the scene of what the hiker girl was looking at and collaged the galazy print behind it to look almost outerspace themed. 
I love for traveling and exploring is truly a passion of mine and although this girl isn't exactly me persay, I painted this girl with myself in mind. I allowed myself to fit into her shoes and sit where she was sitting. Therefore when I allowed myself to be this painted girl I really felt that elevated drama and mountiantop experience when I travel. It's an out of this world experience for me and I had to paint something that when I look at it, I continually feel that feeling when I travel and explore this beautiful world God gave us! I read a quote once that God gave us two things to read...the Bible and Nature! If you are a traveler or just simply have an undying passion for it, this painting is for you!

Medicine Bow

This painting took a very long time to get to the final product. Layers upon layers upon even more layers of paint are piled up on this painting which really lends to the interest of it. You could very easily get lost in the details of this painting as you move in closer. I know I do, even as this artist who is infactuated with lots of paint and color. 
This image is of a National Park in Wyoming called Medicine Bow and we stopped at this mountian with a beautiful body of water below it. This also just might be an "in the moment' painting in that I caught this fisherman just below the mountain. I choose to put him in the painting so that you can understand the scale of the mountain. It truly was a breathtaking scene even in cloudy, almost ready for a down pour of rain, weather!

If you enjoy drama and over the top scale in a landscape then this painting is for you!


Pacific Coast

This painting was of the Oregon Coast in Lincoln City. My family and I went on a cross country trip last year and we made it to the coast all the way from Virginia. When we reached the other side of the country, it was powerful accomplished feeling that still have yet to describe fully! All I know is that I was glad to be able to paint this painting in order to show the scale and atmosphere that I wasn't quite use to being from the eastern shore. I wanted to have the viewer feel engulfed by this moment of such grandeur and even within that one moment as that bird lands on the rock. It is a rather large painting and you can't help but feel as if you are in the painting and see how deep the painting can go.

If you enjoy mountiantop experiences, then this painting is for you!


Snake River Canyon

This painting is of Snake River Canyon! My family and I went on a cross country trip this past summer and the Snake River Canyon was one of our stops. The sun literally just popped out and allowed me to take stunning pictures of the canyon.

I had intentions to not finish this painting but I pulled it out after several weeks to attempt reaching a finished product and this happened. I had been fighting with several projects before and this painting was an escape or "branching out" from those other projects. I am obsessed with color and sometimes I think it might be a specific artist sickness but after this painting I have learned to embrace it! This painting is by far one of my favorites and is splashed all over my wallpapers of my electronic devices. 

If you enjoy western landscape with a splash of color, this painting is for you!


For more information on how you can purchase these paintings, check out my Etsy Shop HERE to learn more.

Hope you might see these paintings a little differently now!
May God Bless You and May You Bless God!


  1. Fantastic! Knowing the story behind each piece gives it a whole "complete" feeling. From 2 dimensional to ALL dimensional. (yeah, I know, a weird turn of phrase)

    1. Hahaha, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thanks so much!

  2. Beautiful Paintings! I love the surreal effect your paintings have due to your colour choice, but still with so much depth! Gorgeous!