Tuesday, November 24, 2015

October 31st Documented Life Project - Art Challenge: Tea Bags, Dryer Sheets and Fibrous Papers

Good Morning Everyone! I hope everyone is ready for Thanksgiving for those who celebrate it. Funny story, when I was in high school, I was good friends with a German exchange student. Very stupidly I asked her what she was doing for Thanksgiving and yeah...ignorance was in good supply that day.

So I just wanted to give everyone a heads up on what is gonna be going down here at Clare Plantation. Nothing major as I am going to be taking a smallish break over the Thanksgiving Holidays. I need to spend some time with family and just re-energize my creative juices. I've even taken a break on teaching my students and work needs to be something I don't think about for just a little bit.

Just a few things that will be coming to you soon for the holidays. I have a couple videos planned to show you all how to make board book journals. I've got some really simple ideas that will be easy and fun. I want to make a video that will show you how you can gather inspiration from old journal pages to make new ones. You will be surprised as to how you can an inspiration to yourself. More monthly challenges of course and maybe a studio tour when I get it looking like I want it.

I really do hope that you all have a splendid Thanksgiving and for those who don't celebrate, may you feel just a little more thankful for the blessing you receive this Thursday.

So for now, here is a little step by step of a recent DLP challenge from the month of October. It was way to much fun and probably a medium I will use again!

October Theme
Translucent Papers
October 31
Art Challenge: Tea Bags, Dryer Sheets, Fibrous Papers
Journal Prompt:  Just Create!

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So I mixed gesso with molding paste together on the paper to create texture and to experiment what might happen when I apply paint to it. The dryer sheet is what I choose for this challenge and I am so glad I did!

I tore the dryer sheet into several pieces...

Then applied them to the wet gesso and molding paste.

If you can tell, this is what the dryer sheet looks like in the wet gesso and molding paste.

I started applying paint to the dry textured paper and wanted to go with this dusty dry look inspired by of course the desert. I added blue just to cool it down and cause I didn't want it to look to dry.

Then I added some Golden Metallic Paint which really aged the page and yet made it sparkle as well.

Can we just PLEASE talk about how yummy this looks!

Then I added some cut wood motifs in the design and kept it really faint, for now.

Those of you who follow me know my obsession with under paper. I use it all the time. So I cut up the under paper into tiny thin strips to come off as trees or at least an idea of them.

Then I took an image and traced it on plastic stencil carving material and cut out another stencil.

Molding paste has become another favorite art journal supply for me. Here I used it in my stencil I created and it turned out looking like this, below.

In that my plastic carving skills aren't that great, I took a tiny paint brush and brushed out the pine tree motif a little bit more to have them look a little more like the pine trees I wanted.

A nice layer of green was perfect for the raised surface of this pine tree image.

So the wood cuttings needed a little bit more contrast so I took that same green and added around the wood rings.

So I finally called it done, I really was happy how this turned out. It fits perfectly to my modern forest motif style. Here are a few close ups.

I hope you all enjoyed this and are inspired to finish this year out of the DLP with a BANG! It's so sad it is almost over but I am really excited to see what the next project will be!


May God Bless You and May You Bless God!


  1. What a fabulous background Miranda. This will make you laugh but... when I see this I think... hmmm - if I were a forest animal living inside this tree - this would be my view - from the inside looking out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So fun and lovely!

    Happy, Blessed, Peaceful and Inspiring Thanksgiving to you dear girl. I am thankful for your witness to the goodness and love of the Lord and for the brightness you bring to my life. j.

    1. Thank you so much! I would love for this to be my view! Happy Thanksgiving to you as well and my God bless you always!