Friday, October 23, 2015

Tired but, Productive!

Filming my workshop...WORE...ME...OUT! You really should have seen this house when I was filming and editing, it was a stress house. BUT, it's finished and available in my Etsy shop HERE

So after I finished my workshop I literally sat in my studio and was completely whooped and drained of inspiration. So I had to do a little bit of artsy pampering which you will be seeing in later posts that I've got lined up for your guys. 

For now I just wanted to show a few things that I was up to and have been working on. Most of them are a work in progress but some of these projects I've finished and I'm super excited to show you. They are kinda like teasers for posts to come here on my blog later this weekend.

Poor blog, she has been so neglected. 

So one night while I was digging for inspiration on my Ipad from photos I took out west this past summer, I zoomed in on several of those photos and thought I might explore painting them. I didn't finish it but I kinda like it, the way it looks unfinished, dirty and messy.

Alright this painting has been cooking for only a few days...and I have a few ideas for it but the only explanation I have for it right now is that I was inspired by this photo I took at Snake River Canyon in Idaho.

Yum Yum right, aaahhhhh I just go positively mad about anything desert or cactus related. Weirdo I know right but, if you don't follow me on instagram I said a while back that the desert gives me my adrenaline rush. That sort of sensation that you get when stepping out of a building or car into this vast nothingness so suddenly sends me into overdrive. I know it's strange but ahhhh I just love it.

This painting is for our first Family Paint Night this coming November and I had to make a mad dash to the studio and get it painted in under...I think maybe...30 to 45 minutes. Mr. Van Gogh himself of course. 

So this painting represents two things to me, one that my life is literally being taken over by my job at Rocky Mount Center for the Arts. (P.S. you can check out our website HERE. It's still under construction, adding information and so on but you can see what all is going on at RMCA.) We are growing slowly but steadily. I love what I am doing but's it can be sometimes overwhelming. I have to sneak in me time (aka blog and Youtube) every Thursdays now and I cherish that time I have. But overall EXTREMLY HAPPY and BUSY!

Secondly, I really enjoyed painting a masterwork. In doing such a task forces you to study "How exaclty did my favorite artist in the entire world paint such a painting?" by way of his brushstrokes and color mixing. Try it sometime! Pick your favorite artist from history and try to paint what they painted. It's a really fun challenge...hum possible monthly challenge...we'll see.

Ahhhh underpaper, these are my newest creations after gelli printing. Yummy right?!

And lastly, I've banged out another inspiration station. If you have no idea as to what these little babies are, they are a literal God sent to help us artists when we are in a massive art funk. It was very helpful for me in this draining and worn out time after filming my workshop. So, more details to come. Talk to you all tomorrow.

God Bless You and May You Bless God!

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