Monday, October 26, 2015

Inspiration Stations

If you haven't heard of Inspiration Station created by Jennibellie, you have got to check it out whenever you are in an art funk.

Basically it is a free class offered by Jennibellie on her Journal Workshop free Ning Site. In the class she teaches you how to create an inspiration station as well as an inspiration station journal.

As you can see below, I've made three over the past couple of years and each one has helped me get out of a non-inspirational time in my life.

So this is my newest one here below and by far my favorite.
It truly is a snipit of what inspires me right now as an artist.
Whereas the other ones, even though I like them very much, I think I just slapped things in the book not really knowing what inspires me. 

This journal I truly took time to figure out what really inspires me and each collaged piece is perfect eye candy and makes me want to create something the moment I flip through it.

This is the back page and from what you can see on the back, as far as the journaling, are quotes from famous artists that really inspire me to create. I wrote several quotes throughout my whole inspiration station journal. They truly do help because quotes don't usually inspire me but voices from famous artists give me goosebumps sometimes.

This is the first page on my inspiration station below. My main peice of interest right now is the under paper. I truly cannot get enough of it. 

Before I even folded this journal together I just took a large sheet of newsprint and collaged underpaper all over the sheet in an interesting way. This way, as you will see in Jennibellie's video when she teaches you how to make your journal, when the pages are folded and put together the layout it more of a surprise and I like that.

This is page two or more over page spread number two. After I added several different pieces of underpaper to the page and folded my inspiration station journal together I just started adding different elements. I used scrap papers with pretty paint details, more under paper of course, book images, quotes and even a book mark from fabric scraps.

Close view of page spread number two.

So on page spread number three I had a pocket, which you will see being made in Jennibellie's class, and I stuffed several things like mail art and photos of my own work. I tied a ribbons on them and added a few embellishments to make these little pocket pieces shine.

Closer view of pocket pieces on page spread number three.

Going back to page spread number one, I had pocket pieces in there as well.

Close up of pcoket pieces in page spread number one.

So check out a few more close ups on my inspiration station journal's pages.  

This journal really has helped me get out of my funk. In all honesty I really wasn't in a funk as we all know art funk's go. I was just really tired and had to take a little artistic pampering. I turned the florescent lights off in my studio and left all the warm lights on while it got dark outside. It was quiet and no one was coming in to the gallery so I was all by myself. 

Artists sometimes have to hide away and get even more comfortable in creating. That's what I had to do last week and it felt so good to just slow down. 

Check out Jennibellie's Free Class Inspiration Station HERE
I know you will get a lot out of it.

God Bless You and May You Bless God!


  1. Very interesting seeing your process Miranda. I also made a JennieBellie inspiration station (posted pix on her site) I filled an art box with supplies and made 3 journals using her technique. They stay in the box and this all travels with me. In fact it is going to FL with me this week. And yes, it seems to "condense" everything down into a more manageable space so that you can create even when traveling or in that "I need to rest/I need to create" place.

  2. What a lovely journal! The color and design is interesting. You did a great job on this.
    You are very creative. Thanks for sharing!