Sunday, October 4, 2015

Documented Life Project - Silhouette Challenge

I immediatly got inspired this week for a challenge of the Documented Life Project in September. I've been working a lot with watercolor lately and getting up close and personal to my page to just watch the pigment move in the water. I've also been really inspired my scuffling paint around or watercolor to create a misty, galazy effect. So with this challenge I rolled with it along with an idea for the challenge of the Silhouette.

September Theme
Journaling with Photos
September 19
Art Challenge: Silhouettes
Journal Prompt:  There is no shadow without the light...

So first off I covered the page in gesso but this time I gave it a bit of texture my scuffling it around tightly and in small strokes with my paint brush.

Then I whipped out my travel size paints to scrub paint around.

I pulled out some torn up gelli prints and tore them into smaller pieces to glue them on the page.

I used acrylic paint, water-soluble oil pastels and watercolor to continue the scrubbing of color to create that bright Lisa Frank style galaxy. I've been obsessing with these colors lately and was very close to buying a 400 pack Lisa Frank sticker book a couple weeks ago. What can I say the 90's girl in my is untamable. 

Then of course I couldn't forget about my beloved stamps. This time I didn't stamp down the entire image, I morfed or fused them together by only stamping part of the stamp next to each other.

I then took some rub ons and randomly pressed them on the page not worrying about the words showing completely. It adds a grungy effect to it that I kinda like.

There was only one final step that I wanted to do to finish the page but before I did that step I took several pictures of the way the page looks here. I was almost hesitant to cover it up but I am glad I did.

Cause it just looks so stickin cool! The last thing I did was draw a quick sketch of a horse running and then painted with gesso around the horse to create a misty effect and allow the horse to pop. 

So what if a silhouette was made of color? What if our shadows were made of color? I'm just thinking outside of the box lately too. Hope you guys have gotten a little inspired to think a little differently when creating your art.

Happy Creating!

May God Bless You and May You Bless God!


  1. Great process Miranda. And that deep breath before you cover something up!!! But it worked and is wonderful. And that gesso layer on top adds to the movement of the horse. he looks liek he is bursting through the color. (PS-buy the sticker book-just sayin')

  2. Beautiful Miranda! Thanks for sharing your process.