Thursday, October 1, 2015

Clare Plantation Apprenticeship Available in Etsy Shop

It's official, My Workshop is now available on my Etsy Shop
You can check that out HERE!

For more info read the synopsis below:

I am offering my very first workshop on DVD. Dive into my brain, learn my techniques and my style of art journaling only to better your own style and techniques of art journaling. If you follow my YouTube Channel and Blog you are interested in my style, you just might want to know how I tick and work, what is my process, how to I get through my art funk. In this DVD I want you to be my apprentice and learn those very things. Raphael studied under Michealangelo, Leonardo studied under Verrocchio and Van Gogh studied under Gauguin. So it's good for artists to study under different artists to learn their craft even better. NEVER will I say I am a master but I like sharing what I know with you and seeing people become inspired.

You will walk away with a journal that you will see yourself start to evolve as an artist or art journaler. 

How the DVD Format is laided out:

*First of all this is not an online course with several separate videos. This is a one long video a little over 2 hours long on one single DVD.*

DVD Content Layout:

1. Introduction to Clare Plantation Apprenticeship and what we cover.
2. Overview of how I as an artist gather my inspiration by way of Pinterest and my own surroundings
3. How we make our journal with just two file folders and the science behind the journal to where you see yourself change as an artist.
4. Challenge 1: How I create an Art Journal Page and sharing my favorite techniques. 
5. Challenge 2: How I create an Art Journal Page and sharing my favorite techniques.
6. Challenge 3: How I create an Art Journal Page and sharing my favorite techniques.
7. Call to Action to create an art journal page yourself. Opportunites to post your last page on my Facebook page and the satisfaction of seeing yourself develop your own style by studying art journaling under me Clare Plantation.

Techniques include: stamp carving, gelli printing, book binding, watercoloring, creating your own elements for your journal and so much more.

What you get when purchasing this DVD:

1. Workshop DVD
2. Supplies List
3. Clare Plantation's three challenge sketches.

This is a workshop you don't wanna miss and there will be a lot of learn along with a lot of fun! 
Hope you can join me in Clare Plantatation's Apprenticeship!

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