Saturday, August 29, 2015

Blog Post Blow Out!

I've missed you all so...much!
Juuuust in case you cannot tell by the title, I've got a massive blow out of things to share with you that I have been working on. It's probably against the rules of blogging to post a...significant amount of pictures but, I'm the kind of person who enjoys sensory overload! Hahaha!

I had planned to pick back up with blogging and making videos after I got back from my road trip...planned being the key word here and we all know that this such plan didn't happen!

For some reason my body just kinda shut down and all inspiration was washed out completely the week after we got back. I didn't get to work on time as well as I had wanted to. I felt like I dragged the floor as I walked BUT, ahhh I feel so much better creatively!  

Oh my goodness so I swung by the Dollar Tree, which by the way has the best supply of huge erasers for a dollar, and I grabbed like three large erasers. Previously I got back into my stamp carving craze when I had one of my students carve a stamp for a project. I carved out a cactus and floral stamps which you will see later in this downward abyss of pictures. 

But these particular stamps that you see splattered all over the page are an individual stamp by them selves. I went nuts and carved a bizillion and a half and then colored them with water color while watching "Austenland".

My plan is to create more of these particular individual stamps and create a coloring book page. This one was more of a test run page just to see if it would turn out the way I wanted it to in my head. NAILED IT!

I love these stamps so much and I loved how it all turned out!

So the next item to share is my DLP or the Documented Life Project. I have been caressing the cover and enjoying how much this journal has developed. I still continue to love my cover and I don't think I will EVER get bored  with it,

See, look how thick it's getting. So much love and time has been put into this baby! I'm also quite pleased with how well it is staying in tacked. None of pages are falling out and I can still continue to work on the pages flat even with all these chunky pages underneath. A+ to the Dylusions Journal in my view far!

So leading to the next item I want to share, I have been looking back into my old DLP Planner edition. I've been seeing how different the two are and have actually really missed the planner side of the DLP. 

I picked out my favorite page from the Planner DLP and laid it next to one of my favorite spreads in my DLP the Journal. It was just interesting to see how I haven't lost my color palette and how my style even after about a year hasn't changed all that much.

It's almost like these two pages could very easily lay side by side to each other.

So what I decided was to make my own DLP planner again for the last half of this year and tweak it my own way. I grabbed a simple planner from our local office supply store, literally right next to the gallery where I work, and converted it into my of DLP Planner 2015.

To get this particular cover on my planner, all I did was first take the plastic covers off the hinges and then sand the slick textured plastic down with sand paper to give some tooth for the gesso to grab onto. I added I think two layers of gesso to the covers.
Then I painted the cover using a small 3 x 5 gelli plate to add that yummy layered icing of color kind of look. Then I covered the paint with Mod Podge to seal it so that it won't rub or scrap off. 

After that I just added one small scrap of book paper to the bottom of the cover and stamped around the book paper and the edges of the planner. Done! I like to make covers simple and to the point. Just make it inviting to create in and go from there.

In the original DLP Planner Edition, the tip in or flap was considered the area where we put our challenges for that week. For my version I plan on doing a weekly sketch or something that inspires me at the time. I wanna try and do something different every week and have a reference to go by just so I can build up inspiration to look back on in the future.

It's not finished and I am actually working on this as I type..or can that be done? Hahaha, it's just on my desk right now being worked on. I have also been enjoying watching the Planner Pages Workshop by the Art to the 5th girls for more inspiration and ideas. There workshops are so much fun to watch!

So moving on, I wanted to go inside my DLP journal now and show a little bit of changes throughout my pages.

This is the spread that was the kick off to things officially changing. Just before I created this page, I watched Jeanne Oliver's videos for the DLP challenge, Real Life and I was memorized. I loved everything she had to say and draw that I had to implement all that she taught us into my DLP. 

In this spread I was inspired by her use of the charcoal pencil and watering it down. I started to water down the charcoal as well as the water soluble oil pastels and I loved the over all effect when it was finished.

Then I went back to drawing figures and I really was loose about this one, just like Jeanne Oliver's style. It's messy and kinda not my favorite but I was getting back into loose sketching like in college and I think I was really rough around the edges.

Now this spread was the challenge "Photo and Words" in the DLP. I didn't do exactly that except put in a photo of a Native American's beautiful headdress from the back and of course my hand writing for the words. I kept it simple and sketchbook like with random images and words here and there. 

Now I am getting to a point where I am sharing some things that are not really uncomfortable but it's something that I have kept to my self since high school and sharing it is just kinda strange. I have written a novel or have been working on it since high school and this guy painted yellow is the man who my main character falls in love with. Mark, the good guy. I enjoy drawing my characters and you will see them both further down. 

Now that I look at him from this angle, his eyes are so messed up but I still like it.

I bought some molding paste...FINALLY and put it to the test on this spread here. I really like it.

I went to my grandmothers two weeks ago and I started sketching members of my family. This challenge was "Real Life" for the DLP and how perfect to sketch my Dad and Grandpa in the moment in real life.

I wish I have this stamp to show you that is stamped here next to my Dad's face but, that is one stamp that I worked on this past week.

Then I drew a cowboy just before we left for our road trip, these pages are not down chronologically by the way, and I just loved his simple expression found in a photography book you will see further down as well. 

When I watched Jeanne Oliver's videos I saw flowers in and around her portraits. So I started stamping my floral stamps around my portraits and I just really like the over all look.

I really focused on this cowboys hand because I thought it so handsome. I know it's weird but, I find a mans hand extremely handsome and attractive.

Then the challenge for "Characters" came up in the DLP and I drew with charcoal and pencil watered down, my character's Mark and Angela.

Off to the left is some squiggly lines I practiced inspired my Van Gogh's paintings and broken brush strokes and I actually did that just the other day. 

This is just a little diddly I wrote about how Angela feels towards Mark.

I draw Mark and Angela all the time but rarely share them. I'm getting use to it now and MAYBE...MIGHT, share my story here on my blog.

So this here is a stamp I carved and stamped it in such a way to create a repeating pattern. It was my sister's idea to lay it out like this and I am so glad she gave me the idea. I colored it in and I think I might fill in the white areas with the individual stamps I carved at the beginning.

This challenge was to paint a face or figure in the DLP and of course I painted Mark, the good guy!

I've been practicing drawing and painting guys more and is it weird that I swoon when I flip through my journal? Yeah it is but I can't help it.

Lastly the challenge for this page was layered faces and figures. Here I am at it again drawing a guy but this time I just pulled him out of my head. Also the prompt for this page was "What would you tell your younger self?" The way I did it was I can't wait to tell myself now in the future that I told you so...A man will come along.

So now where do I create all this stuff? I've got a studio yes, but I also like to bring a few things back and forth from home to the studio. So here is my small everyday travel art kit.


and EXACTO sharpen pencils.



It's funny how now that I've got a bagillion stamps carved, I need a separate bag to carry it back and forth with me.

And this is really all I carry with me. It fits nicely in my purse and I can work better I think with less materials. Jeanne Oliver says that you focus more on the process and not about what material you use next. I really like that and have been doing to best to live that out.

Thought I might showcase a few gelli prints. Ahhhh they look so delicious. 

 And then finally I thought I might share where I am getting most of my inspiration.

This book is the National Geographic one with interesting and different images of my beloved Out West.

This book has fabulous pictures of real, non-photoshopped, people that I love to sketch.

 Does he look familiar?

 I got this really cool coloring book that I use for doodle ideas. I will color in it but I'm afraid to mess it up, it's just so pretty.

This book is called "Mixed Media Storytelling Workbook" and I have used it to help me with creating different fonts for my journals. It's something I wanna work on here soon.

And then of course an art journal technique book called "Journal Spilling" by Diana Trout. It's a book I've had for a while but it never gets old to flip through every once in a while for inspiration.

WOW, my fingers are actually sore from typing this blog post. WHEW, now time for some cake.

Hope you all have enjoyed what all I have been up to. Just wanted to touch base with you all and I hope you all are creating as much as I am!

May God Bless You and May You Bless God!