Monday, July 6, 2015

Earth from Space, Golden Feathers and Journal Girl

I came into the studio several days ago after not accomplishing what I wanted, feeling overwhelmed at work and listening to a lecture on an artists particular style and story. I had no idea I was going to be banging out work and feeling so accomplished like I did that day. So I thought I might share with you all of my little experiements and discoveries. 

My workspace turned into the delicious mess and I started creating work like in an assembly line.

So what really kick started my drive that day was stopping off at the library and picking up a few books. You should have seen me walking into the studio with all these books plus the notebooks and sketchbooks I had to bring in from home, I looked like I was pregnant with books. Hahaha, what a visual.

These books have really set me on fire!

Especially that "Earth from Space" book which had AMAZING images from space that I think would be really cool painted or at least take some shapes or color arrangements from. That will be another project up and coming soon.

So after I finished my monthly challenge page and recording that I whipped out my personal art journal and started working on a page that I started back at home.

Some of you may ask, well why aren't you finishing your workshop like you promised. Well I'm gonna be honest with you, I want my workshop to be new to you. I want what I present to you to be fresh and new from me and if I just repeat what I show you in my videos on YouTube, it won't be worth your time. So I'm taking this time to learn just a few more techniques and Journal Girl is doing just that for me.

I truly cannot express to you how obsessed I am right now with her style. I specifically set aside this page to study her style and mimic what I can of her work. 

It turned out EXACTLY the way I wanted.

 So as you can above, I have just started the base, did a little bit of journaling which I need to do more of, and watered down some water soluble oil pastels. Pretty simple but once I took it to the studio and focused on what I wanted done with it and...ah ha ha...I LOVE IT!

Check out the video process on my YouTube Channel HERE.

I really just stopped thinking, mixed paint on the canvas and glued a bunch of random decorative paper and images down that I thought added interest to the page spread.

Of what little journaling I did, I wrote "quiet day and happy at work" which of course just described my blissful state of working where I do now!

Then sticking with my forest theme I wrote "forest of colors and elements." I really like that kind of visual by painting a more imaginary forest filled with all kinds of different shapes, patterns, colors, space, value, texture , etc. 

It really was a victory for me since I had been trying to get that kind of style down and understanding Journal Girls techniques...thanks to her videos.

So here is a quick tip for those who have tons of paint still left on your palette. Yes, of course slap it down on another journal page to use for another time but, this time stand up and hold your paint brush at the very end while you brush that paint all over the page.

This way you are not so much worried about the details, you see the entire page as a whole and you can almost subconsciously start to form a composition that you didn't even plan. You begin to balance out the shapes you create with the quickness of slapping down paint. 

I really had no idea what I was doing and didn't think much about it until I started seeing these golden feathers appear and got me thinking of another journal page I could do.

So step back from your page as you paint, stand up and look at the painting as a whole. When you've finished and look up close at what you just painted, you might discover things you wouldn't have created had you been up close and personal painting.

Hope you have enjoyed your weekend and are ready for a creative week again! Don't forget to find sometime to create know you need it!

May God Bless You and May You Bless God!

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  1. Funny story:

    I found Journal Girl's work some time ago, fell in love, even saved a screen shot of one of her pieces as inspiration, then lost her. I didn't know her name or website, and hadn't subscribed to her YouTube channel yet. A few months later (I think...), I came across your work and thought, "Oh, I'm so glad! I've found her again!" Then through reading your blog or YouTube, I saw you link to Journal Girl a while back and thought, "Wait! The art is NOT by the same person?! There are TWO such wildly talented artists out there?!!!"

    Lol. Now that I've spent more time with each of your gals' art, I can tell the difference (and still see a certain similarity), and I appreciate your own unique flavors so much.

    Journal Girl's work is bursting with vibrant, rich colors, and pops of black that give her pages such a depth. Lots of patterns and swirls, messy words, eclectic bits and pieces -- each spot on the page looks so different! -- that still come together in harmony.

    Your work can have the same/similar eclectic feel (I'm so amazed by how much can be going on on one page, and still look so good, and so well put together!). Your colors are bright and soft, often leaning towards a pastel, and you usually have a theme going on, a scene, a specific story you're telling, even without any words.

    That may be why your earlier attempt ( at copying Journal Girl's style didn't satisfy you? You still had a scene going on on that page -- I thought it was gorgeous, especially love the top half with mountain and sky, but I see that it wouldn't satisfy your attempt at copying the style.

    This one turned out beautifully! (and still very you :)

    Fatima :)