Sunday, July 26, 2015

Documented Life Project - Illustrative Journaling | What to Pack Artist Edition

Hello everyone, hope everyone had a great weekend and that you had a chance to get something creative done. As for me I have been painting a lot this week and after church yesterday I took a little me time and worked on catching up in Documented Life Project. This weeks challenge actually has inspired me to catch up on other challenges that I have been needing to finish. 

If you have not checked out Jeanne Oliver's interpretation for this weeks Real life challenge for the DLP check it out HERE. 

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Although this isn't my spread for the Real Life challenge, Jeanne Oliver's take on that challenge has inspired me to work on week 23, illustrative journaling. Her sketching and watery charcoal really excited me and made me want to try that technique. Her videos inspired me to do a lot of things this week to catch up with my DLP challenges I am so behind on as well as other things I need to be ready for when we head Out West this Friday. 

 I had remembered liking the idea of drawing your packing list when this illustrative journaling challenge was new. I had been saving these travel journaling and ephemera themed challenges for my upcoming vacation out west. Now that the trip is coming up what better way than to plan my artist packing list by drawing it all out.

Check out my video all about what art supplies I'm packing and what all is going on with Clare Plantation for right now HERE

This spread already had left over paint from previous pages and I used it as a jumping off point for this page. That's why in some areas it looked rather abstract and sloppy but, I was looking beyond that.  I've been enjoying the effects you can get when manipulating different mediums and I focused on that more with the leftover painted page, watered down charcoal and water soluble oil pastels. I also looked at the shapes that you can get when laying different mediums next to either other. Jeanne Oliver inspired me as well to let my DLP be a safe place to create and play and not worry so much about a pretty page. This is for sure one of those kind of pages.

I couldn't help but think of Roben-Marie Smith's style here in this section and it wasn't even planned.

So I had already planned what I wanted to pack on Saturday while I was enjoying Jeanne Oliver's videos in the background but, it was really nice to document my packing list and later have this to look back on when I come back from our trip.

So I thought I might share a little bit of my supplies briefly here.

So I wanted to make sure that whatever supplies I bring, it be very minimal. I wanna be that girl or that artist that looks like she has been traveling journaling or sketching for years and has her plan down pack. I want everything to have it's place and be right where I need it when the inspiration strikes!

So I found a book box in my studio that I think will work in keeping all my supplies in and who knows, when it come to me, this is subject to change. Then I'll have a sketchbook to, of course, record all that I enjoyed on my trip. That's all I want in my bag as far as the creating part.

Check it out, supplies are this simple:

1. Water Soluble Oil Pastels                  8. Paint Pens               
2. Graphite Pencils                                 9. Hand Carved Stamps
3. Charcoal Pencils                               10. Ink Pad
4. Water Brush                                      11. Glue Stick
5. Watercolor Brushes                           12. Eraser
6. Ink pens                                             13. Small Bag for Ephemera
7. Exacto Knite                                      14. Sketchbook

That's all you really need. Think of things you can condense and substitute for. Water Soluble Oil Pastels substitutes a lot of colored media nicely because it can be left dry, it can be smeared around and watered down. 

And then last but not least, instead of buying souvenirs that really are not worth buying, take a few of these souvenir ideas with you when you go traveling. 

1. Fill a mason jar with dirt from every country or state and label it.
2. Pick out a box to store special findings from the places you visit.
3. Bring an empty book or sketchbook to press foliage in.

Below are the souvenir keepers I'll be using.

Oooooohhhhh how I love traveling, it becomes a big deal for me really. I hope you have found this to be inspirational and maybe its given you so ideas for your next or upcoming vacation. Let me know in the comments any of your creative ways to bring back special souvenirs. I'd love to hear from you. 

Thanks so much for stopping by.
May God Bless You and May You Bless God!

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  1. Here is a page ripping away at the edges, to give way to cosmic skies: black and blue and colored hues, and filled with shining stars. (That's how I feel when I look at this page.)

    I don't usually art when I travel (I prefer a written journal, or just being present, and writing about it after I'm back), but I'm looking forward to hearing about your adventures :).

    Safe travels, Miranda! Hope you have a blast.