Friday, July 3, 2015

Check out the new Clare Plantation "The Shop" and see seven new art prints I just launched. Also take this time to comment below what artwork of mine you would like to see as art prints in my shop that is your favorite. I can't wait to hear from you!

Here are shots of the pieces that are in my Shop.


  1. Miranda! You have been working like crazy at your art and on your blog, girl! Every time I come back, thinking I'll comment on a delicious post I saw earlier, there is simply more deliciousness to see!

    *overwhelmed in the best way possible*

    I do have to comment here, because I visited the shop, but couldn't see your prints. I see a few other products on there, but no prints. Is it just me? Is the posting private somehow?

    As far a pieces I'd love to see as prints, there are two:

    Both of these are very, very yumm for me.


  2. Heeeeey, Fatima, thank you so much for your amazing comments! I love long and extensive comments because it brings up a conversation and I miss that the most in art school. Art conversations! Okay I'll see what I can do here soon about getting those prints in the shop! And with the shop yeah I know it's confusing but all you have to do is click that banner just below my Clare Plantation sign, the plantation garden looking banner all green and sepia looking, it should take you straight to all my products. I'm gonna make a video on how to use my shop as I bet others are confused as well! Thanks for commenting again and letting me know about the prints you like as well as your comment about my obsession over journal girls style! Yeah, I do tend to make a scene out of something lots of lines that I randomly make just haphazardly end up being Mountians! What's a mountian girl to do! Hahahaha ha, yeah I'm gonna give that other painting I wasn't happy with another go and see where it leads me! Talk to you soon!

    1. Oh, I see that now! I've seen the banner before, just had *no* idea it was clickable!

      I would suggest adding the words "See all products here" (or something like that) onto the banner image itself, and/or simply linking to the "all products" page directly. You want your shop to be as intuitive and easy to use as possible, the fewer things people have to click to make a purchase, the better for you and them (think of Amazon's 1-click ordering feature :).

      And I *love* your mountain girl art, it is beautiful and inspiring <3.


  3. That's exactly what I was planning on doing! Thanks for the tip!