Friday, July 31, 2015

August Monthly Challenge - Where on the Planet are you Happiest?

Good Morning Everyone! I'm going to have to post the Monthly Challenge for August a day early because if you have not heard me squeal about it yet, I am going out west for a week and won't be back until August the 9th. So oh darn, you get to hear about the challenge a wee bit earlier...oh...darn! Hahaha!

August Monthly Challenge:
Where on this planet do you feel happiest? Draw it, place yourself in it and write about it.

Here is my interpretation above and below.  The way I see it, my heart is in two places, Out West and in The Blue Ridge Mountains. I have never lived out west but when I first went out there I just felt this strong connection pulling at my heart strings. 

This journal page represents that in it's sketchy, trying to figure it out, kind of layout. The mountians are brought forward in the girl as if to say the mountians are a part of me but she is standing in the desert. In these two places, I can't just pick and choose where I am most happiest, they are one in the same. 

I have a three part video series that I will publish when I get back from my trip. This way the August monthly challenge will be enjoyed just a little bit longer. Also it will allow you to hopefully be inspired throughout the month instead of everything being put upon you all at the once in the beginning of the month. 

In the video I talk all about my inspiration and thought process behind everything. I even give your a quick tutorial on how to draw my figure.

August 16th will be the publish date of those videos.

Now, in the challenge it says to put yourself in your happy place. I of course do not look like this particular woman in this sketch but it is how I feel when I am in these happy places of mine, strong and tall. So I have given you this sketch from my sketchbook that you are more than welcome to download and use in your challenge pages. If you are just not comfortable in drawing a figure yet, here is a free ticket to by pass that and use my sketch instead. 

Cut her out and color over top of her and embed her in your happy place if you too feel tall and strong and just would love to wear a cool victorian dress like that. 

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So this girl is going on an adventure! I'll bring back lots of photos and if I can convince my sister or brother to film me sketching some pretty landscapes and findings I'll post that process as well.

Hope you all have a blessed first week of August and I will talk to you all soon!

May God Bless You and May You Bless God!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Documented Life Project - Illustrative Journaling | What to Pack Artist Edition

Hello everyone, hope everyone had a great weekend and that you had a chance to get something creative done. As for me I have been painting a lot this week and after church yesterday I took a little me time and worked on catching up in Documented Life Project. This weeks challenge actually has inspired me to catch up on other challenges that I have been needing to finish. 

If you have not checked out Jeanne Oliver's interpretation for this weeks Real life challenge for the DLP check it out HERE. 

Also check out The Documented Life Project HERE

Although this isn't my spread for the Real Life challenge, Jeanne Oliver's take on that challenge has inspired me to work on week 23, illustrative journaling. Her sketching and watery charcoal really excited me and made me want to try that technique. Her videos inspired me to do a lot of things this week to catch up with my DLP challenges I am so behind on as well as other things I need to be ready for when we head Out West this Friday. 

 I had remembered liking the idea of drawing your packing list when this illustrative journaling challenge was new. I had been saving these travel journaling and ephemera themed challenges for my upcoming vacation out west. Now that the trip is coming up what better way than to plan my artist packing list by drawing it all out.

Check out my video all about what art supplies I'm packing and what all is going on with Clare Plantation for right now HERE

This spread already had left over paint from previous pages and I used it as a jumping off point for this page. That's why in some areas it looked rather abstract and sloppy but, I was looking beyond that.  I've been enjoying the effects you can get when manipulating different mediums and I focused on that more with the leftover painted page, watered down charcoal and water soluble oil pastels. I also looked at the shapes that you can get when laying different mediums next to either other. Jeanne Oliver inspired me as well to let my DLP be a safe place to create and play and not worry so much about a pretty page. This is for sure one of those kind of pages.

I couldn't help but think of Roben-Marie Smith's style here in this section and it wasn't even planned.

So I had already planned what I wanted to pack on Saturday while I was enjoying Jeanne Oliver's videos in the background but, it was really nice to document my packing list and later have this to look back on when I come back from our trip.

So I thought I might share a little bit of my supplies briefly here.

So I wanted to make sure that whatever supplies I bring, it be very minimal. I wanna be that girl or that artist that looks like she has been traveling journaling or sketching for years and has her plan down pack. I want everything to have it's place and be right where I need it when the inspiration strikes!

So I found a book box in my studio that I think will work in keeping all my supplies in and who knows, when it come to me, this is subject to change. Then I'll have a sketchbook to, of course, record all that I enjoyed on my trip. That's all I want in my bag as far as the creating part.

Check it out, supplies are this simple:

1. Water Soluble Oil Pastels                  8. Paint Pens               
2. Graphite Pencils                                 9. Hand Carved Stamps
3. Charcoal Pencils                               10. Ink Pad
4. Water Brush                                      11. Glue Stick
5. Watercolor Brushes                           12. Eraser
6. Ink pens                                             13. Small Bag for Ephemera
7. Exacto Knite                                      14. Sketchbook

That's all you really need. Think of things you can condense and substitute for. Water Soluble Oil Pastels substitutes a lot of colored media nicely because it can be left dry, it can be smeared around and watered down. 

And then last but not least, instead of buying souvenirs that really are not worth buying, take a few of these souvenir ideas with you when you go traveling. 

1. Fill a mason jar with dirt from every country or state and label it.
2. Pick out a box to store special findings from the places you visit.
3. Bring an empty book or sketchbook to press foliage in.

Below are the souvenir keepers I'll be using.

Oooooohhhhh how I love traveling, it becomes a big deal for me really. I hope you have found this to be inspirational and maybe its given you so ideas for your next or upcoming vacation. Let me know in the comments any of your creative ways to bring back special souvenirs. I'd love to hear from you. 

Thanks so much for stopping by.
May God Bless You and May You Bless God!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Art Journal Process | Shaving Cream Marble Printing, #lovesummerart

Hey Guys, if you are new hear and have found me through #lovesummer art, I'm so glad you decided to stop by. For those of you who don't know, #lovesummerart is an art festival being held on Youtube for creative Youtube content creators. From the 17th - the 20th, we will be posting videos on Youtube with the #lovesummer art and we will get to know artists that we may never have heard of before. Genius right! 

Well I'm gonna be participating on the 19th and am already getting to know some artists that are super talented! If you are a Youtube Creative Content Creator check out this video HERE for even more info.

So for me, I have been taking a peek at Kate Shaw's paintings here of late and you can check out her AMAZING website HERE

 So I made a similar print by using the shaving cream marbling technique and it came out better than I even imagined, check out these prints above and below.

You can check out the video process HERE on my Channel.

If you read Kate Shaw's about page it talks about how her work is a representation of how nature has beauty and is free flowing, it also has a toxic and artificial feel too it. You know me I don't particularly talk about the harsh things in life, although her viewpoint is very true and needs to be addressed, in my work I wish to address the aw inspiring, mountain top feel of being close to God within nature. 

There is nothing more thrilling than to stand the beautiful handy work of God. I wish to express that within my art and make it look as grand as I feel. So I believe the bright bold colors and the swirling marbled detail adds to that description of my work as looking at nature through rose colored glasses.

 Thank you guys so much for stopping by! May you all have a blessed Sunday and take this day to say thank you for God's artwork in nature!

May God Bless You and May You Bless God!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Rocky Mount Center for the Arts

You all have probably heard through my blog and instagram that life for me has turned to better than a positive. This is where I work, Rocky Mount Center for the Arts as the Art Educational Director and Gallery Director! WOW, never in a million years would I be thinking of these positions being my titles! INSANE!
I really couldn't have gotten this far without the help of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! He has blessed me way too much I think and I don't deserve it but, what I do, it will be for the Lord!

So come on in and let me show you around Rocky Mount Center for the Arts! 

We are Rocky Mount Center for the Arts (RMCA) and we promote Art Education, Showcasing Artists and Community Involvement. So in this process of revamping RMCA, we are going to be offering  many classes to the public, artists spaces and exhibitions as well as events for the community. We want to be a center of art for Rocky Mount, Virginia. So we are crazy busy with preparing, planning, scheduling, writing grants and advertising!  

Although we have all that work to be done, I managed to get downstairs and rearrange the gallery space. Aaahhhh and it is so much better than it was before.

So yes planning, scheduling, gallery re-organizing, teaching 11 students, preparing a body of work/paintings, filming a workshop, making Youtube videos, blogging, journaling for myself and maintaining clean rooms at home...BRING...IT...ON! 

We are getting classes up and running and we have a new artist taking up a studio space for rent. It's been really exciting to see things slowly but surely fall into place.

Every time I scurry back to my studio I always love looking into this studio with the color and her paintings up on the wall, very inspiring!

So not only will you be seeing more posts about my personal business here at Clare Plantation, but also what will be happening at Rocky Mount Center for the Arts. Our website it still in the revamping stages and will be posted soon for you guys to check out what all we are up too. For now you can follow us on Instagram @rockymountcenterarts for quick updates and everything art! 

Just thought I might share with you all another half of me and I hope you enjoy!

May God Bless You and May You Bless God!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Delight in Living My Artist Dreams

HELLO Everyone! I don't even know where to begin showing and telling about last week! NUTS-O is all I can really say but the good kind! Well, since my "One Stamp Slap Down" uploaded first...I'll start here...hahaha!

For those who are not familiar with "One Stamp or Stencil Slap Down" Art Journal Process Video, it is a video series that I created to show that you can create an art journal page by either slapping down a stamp or a stencil anywhere on the page. Once you slap a stamp or stencil down, it covers up the fear of the white page and creates a quick design or image that kickstarts imagination.

I went to a really neat antique shop and found some 1960's Vogue for a $1.00. Funny though that they were 51 cents in the 1960's. I pulled out a neat fashion illustration and sketched it out to look like this over a feather stamp I slapped down in the video. You can check out that video HERE.

So as you can tell by the title, this particular page was inspired by how I have been feeling lately. I really am just so happy, even though this isn't true, I could almost be perfectly happy without getting married! Art every day, all day is truly a dream come true!

So I was in a blissful state while making this page and it was fun to document that feeling. I also really want to dive more into writing or journaling so I've been using word stickers to write what I have been feeling at the time. I like these stickers because I like to make up phrases by looking at a wide variety of words to make a fun selection.

So much delight in living my artist dream!

If you've been keeping up with my blog and Instagram, then this painting may look familiar. You can check out that post HERE to see how this painting first started. As for now, here is an update.

I really could just shoot myself for not taking pictures last Sunday of a studio that I visited of a popular painter in our area. But, what I really took away from looking at her paintings was that I needed to practice painting with a palette knife. Check out the paint in the picture above...AAAAAAHHHHH PAINT...LOVE IT!

What my plan is is to use the palette knife on the rocks and then paint the sky smooth and soft to create depth and keep that collage look to it. It is no way near finished but I wanted to show where I stand for now. Please comment below to let me know what you think so far!

My poor studio, I'll bet if it where human I would be the cause of it having numerous heart attacks. I have moved furniture around again as well as in my classroom. My classroom is actually functional now and my studio...practically perfect in every way! 

I had to combine both of my studios here today since I am hardly at home to work at home. Art all day every day pretty much means exactly what it says so I just brought everything to my studio in town!  

The classroom looks pretty ridiculous but believe it or not, it's very organized. It still has a way to go though but for 11 students, you've got to have things pretty put together.

One of my students today had a blast in making symmetrical paintings today.

Yeah so this is only half way done, I haven't shown you the rest of the gallery or studios yet so swing by here tomorrow for a quick tour! 

Happy Creating!
May God Bless You and May You Bless God!