Friday, June 26, 2015

What's Happening in the Studio

God has blessed me with a job allowing me to be in my studio all day! I now run a gallery in an Art Center in our small town and I really couldn't be happier. It is now undergoing renovation with it's website, educational opportunities, better gallery presentations, artistic community events and opportunities the whole nine yards. I am right smack dap in the middle of it all and delighting myself in being so involved in the arts 24/7. It's a slow process as of now because we are getting all the preliminaries straightened out with board meetings and counting inventory but, while there is this slow period, I am working hard in my little studio I like to call home.


I took time this morning to quote un quote warm up for some more involved artwork I needed to prepare myself for in other projects. The night before I had started sketching feathers and thought it would be really cool to create a flower formed by feather. I thought it would be even more interesting to use a pine cone motif or other non floral elements of nature to create a flower. 

So I'm thinking of making this into a much larger painting. Can't wait to see how that turns out!

 These paintings are in acrylic below and is just a start to small body of work that I wish to put in our gallery downstairs

I taught one of my high school students this week and she really wanted to learn how to oil paint. I had spent all of my years in collage using oil paints and I had for a while after collage but, I have broken away from it due to art journaling and its frequent use of acrylic paint.

So as I was teaching her I excited myself to get back into oil painting.

I also finished what I wanted of my mural and am so happy to have the little cans of paint stashed away for when I want to add anything else to the mural. As for now I am just going to let it sit and cook to see if I want to add anything to the sky. We'll see.

I posted on instagram this collage I put together by way of a travel and astronomy magazine I found at Goodwill. I can not wait to have this little number finished and hung in the gallery. It's going to be so much fun to paint. One thing I forgot about oil paintings though, THEY TAKE FOREVER TO DRY, and this just an underpainting! So excited though!

So I just thought it would be fun to share with you my full week in the studio. I really am completely pleased with the way it is arranging and decorated. I've had so many people say they just love to stand and stare into my studio. It's been a slow process and long haul but it has been worth it, I am finally doing what I love best!


So I am here to tell you, whatever dream you have work your hardest and it is sure to come true! Believe me I know!

Happy Creating!
May God Bless You And May You Bless God!

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  1. Omg the mural looks great Miranda!!! Wish I cld see that baby in person. I'm sure my extra small phone screen does it no justice whatsoever! I tried to comment on the blog post before this one and lost it somehow. I just wanted to say that that tree is stunning. It took me a couple of pics to even see it but when I did it dang near took my breath away! You're doing great things girlie!! I'm excited to see what other great things God will bring to your life!!! Thank you for all the paint-y colorful eye-candy greatness you share with us!!:))