Friday, June 19, 2015

Studios, South Carolina and Watercolors!

Awwww vacation time, traveling and packing. I never bore of such things. I could ride for ages just watching landscapes change and looking at houses for ideas for my future home one day. It's a Banks curse I think...constantly thinking of things to impove our homes...or in my case getting a house of my own one day! 

So the only place I can call my home right now is my studio in town. Just before I left for South Carolina, I set up a space in my studio where I work on my art journaling/mixed media. I have a space at home for such things but I needed a place in town for that as well.  I thought I was going to have to buy a whole new set of art journaling supplies but I convinced myself that I could split what I already have...
Dang It! :) 

I really started fawning over my mural which is 3/4ths of the way done but I'm okay with that for now. I placed my painting up on a stool to make it fit in with the canyon to a certain extent. Ahhh so happy!

Then I started playing around with my DLP for the textured paper challenge. Eeehh, I have no idea where its going but I pulled out my quartz rocks I found at home and have housed in a little wooden box I painted just for a bit of inspiration. You see where I'm going with this...sorta...well we'll see where it goes.

Then I started taking pictures of my work space again because I was a little too happy with it. Oh the bliss in having a space all to yourself and being pleased with the way it looks! Yum Yum!

So the next day we, meaning my sister and cousin, drove all the way to South Carolina and enjoyed being out on the lake for most of the time we were there. After being in 103 degree heat I was ready to throw myself in that wonderful water. It was glorious. We enjoyed ourselves way to much!

Then I walked around in what seemed like endless woods behind my cousins house and found a few treasures.

One of the cousins with her legit walking stick. She doesn't mess around!

I could just see a painting with the color and detail/texture in this bark! So jumping on that idea later this week!

I love finding large trees and trying to guess it's age. So this bad boy look rather old and quite enchanting!

So I brought with me my watercolor journal or sketchbook if you will and decided to practice using watercolor. I found this piece of art work below on Pinterest and decided to pratice by painting whales as you see above.

Check out Michelle Morin's Etsy shop HERE to see more of her beautiful Artwork!

So I deviated to my own way of painting these whales and really focused on how I liked using watercolor. It's becoming one of my favorite mediums!

Then I painted a deer (of course) and a few flowers. SO much fun! I then worked on a succulent and a pine cone I found out on my little nature walk with my cousin.

Even though I didn't spend hours in an art museum or draw/paint every second of every hour...I still found a small ounce of inspiration enough to fuel me for this coming week. I'm so excited about my trip to the North West...expect a blown up blog after that trip!

So it's been nice just to have a small break from work and everyday life but I'm am ready to get back to work. I am slacking on my workshop but it will be up as soon as I possibly can!

I am going to be completely honest with you. I feel like my blog has become more commercial and like "BUY THIS" or "LOOK AT THIS" and not a more laid back kind of blog or brand that I really want to promote! I want you all to enjoy yourselves and learn something if anything here at Clare Plantation. Art is my passion and I want to share it as much as I can. Sometimes that can come across as too much so I'm gonna slow my engine down because I'm running at full speed and getting burned out faster than need be and I think it's a bit overwhelming!

Hope that makes sense!
Let me know what ya think and if you enjoy more posts like these!

Other than that Happy Creating!
May God Bless You and May You Bless God!


  1. This is one of my favorite posts you have written. I love ALL of your videos and posts but yes, this one was a lovely meander through the woods with you. As if we were all indeed taking a rest and just looking and savoring. I also enjoyed reading about how you "see" your surroundings and how they inspire you. So easy these days just to race though everything isn't it? Oh, and i can't wait to see how you "use" that beautiful fern leaf in your work. (hint-hint)

  2. Oooohhh how sweet and encouraging! Yes it is easy to push through projects just to get them out there but I wasn't enjoying myself! On to enjoying myself! Thanks!

  3. Lovely, indeed! That tree looks very mysterious. It holds lots of stories, I'm sure! :) Thanks for the post. I enjoyed it all. Your watercolours are fantastic, and your studio looks so homey, I would like to come and play! :)

  4. Oh Anna, I would love for you to come visit! I'll be there for a LOOOONNNGGGG while! I'm so glad you enjoyed the post! I enjoyed writing it and sharing more! I'll be doing more of these kinds of posts for sure! Thanks for reading!