Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Documented Life Project | Week 24 - Recording Memories

Remember when I said that I was going to be jumping on some artwork involving this tree trunk...well...I did!

June Theme
Travel Journaling
June 13
Art Challenge: Recording Memories
Journal Prompt:  Taking the Road Less Traveled

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Soooooo, I thought I might share my process through pictures. 

First of all, I had this particular page already slammed with all those beautiful shades of blue and purple. I smooshed the pages together to get that zebra spotted detail on the left page and I utilized that effect in the tree trunk I sketched on the right page.

I then applied gesso in a variety of ways to the tree trunk by way of a pallet knife and paintbrush to have different forms of texture. 

Then I went in and smudged some green paint around the tree trunk to allow the tree to shine by laying a contrasting value directly next to it. That way it stood out more.

You can see the texture better in the tree trunk here.

Then I pulled out some delicious under paper and slapped it down, not really thinking about how I would glue it down. Afterwards I took some Admiral Blue Apple and Barrel paint, a fav by the way, and faded the edges of the under paper into the background.

Next I added watercolor along the left side of the tree trunk and a little in the middle to add a bit of form to the tree trunk. I liked the amount of color that was seen in the actual picture of the tree above so I tried to incorporate that into my painting.

Then I applied small little sketches of some pine trees at the bottom and oddly enough on the edge. Being a little dare devil today!

Followed by that, I took one of my favorite stamps that I carved and stamped a small border along the left side of the tree trunk.

I started to see the painting needed a bit more depth and added some fading mountain ranges to the bottom right part of the page.

My metallics had to come in at some point, so I used my deer stamp with the metallic gold paint I had and made it look like it was hiding behind the tree trunk.

At this point I was running out of things to do and I just didn't know how to finish it so I doodled a few gold dots here and there and then drew some flowers up in the top right hand corner.

Then to top it all off I outlined the flowers with gold, the deer with white and used both white and gold to make my floral boarder stamp pop more. I probably over did it but it seems to work for me for now.

So I considered it finished. I wrote just a little bit about how I was feeling in wanting to be proud of what I was doing as an artist. 

For me personally I want to impress certain members of my family. I want to make them proud and sometimes I feel like I let them down because I am not a super successful person making the big bucks. But like I wrote, I cannot imagine doing anything else in my life but art. I truly don't know how I could breath without doing something creative or artsy fartsy.

I am working hard at what I do as a small business owner, teacher, soon to be gallery operator and event coordinator and artist and I need to be able to be proud of myself and not try to make others proud. It's a hard lesson for me but I'm becoming stronger little by little. You viewers have played a major role in helping feel stronger and proud of what I do! So here's to you!

I hope you are proud of what you do as well, be it an artist or another profession and you keep that assurance of yourself!

Happy Creating!
May God Bless You And May You Bless God!


  1. This is so very beautiful, Miranda! Love how you used blue. It is a surprising combination with the trees! Love every little bit! The gold ROCKS! I am proud of you, dearest! :) ♥♥♥

  2. Thank you so much Anna! Tou truly have been such a wonderful support to me and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!