Sunday, June 21, 2015

Ahhhhh...THE STUDIO!

I have been wanting to share a large post about my studio for a long time! I have admired how other particular artists do it and I wanted to do something similar! So here today I will share with you everything from the dirty to the pretty in my studio.

Yeap! I'm a messy artist! I look organized in pictures but I'M A MESS! After a few days of being deeply absorbed in a project I organize and gussy up my studio as much as I can. I really enjoy cleaning my studio because I can look at my supplies and rethink how I want to do other projects. Its sort of a source of inspiration for me.

My whole workspace consists of seven major parts to make this corner desk table. I used 4 stackable cube organizers from A.C. Moore. I used 1 writing desk that I've had since I was real little and two wooden doors for the table top from Habitat for Humanity. Thats all I've used and it's worked so well so far!

I do have dreams for a much larger work table and prettier shelving but as a sophomore at life...I take what I can get.

The above picture is where I do all of my projects from my DLP to all my other journals. I record my videos here and film workshops as well! It's the battle ground, the main stage where all the magic happens. And's magical even in this mess. Hahaha!

Over on this side is more storage and extra shelving for small decorative pieces and lighting! That wooden shelf ladies and gentlemen was the PERFECT Goodwill find for 3 bucks...go ahead I can wait while you recover from shock! Hahaha!

These are just a few pieces that I have collected for my inspirational shelf, for lack of a better way to describe it. That card was given to me from my first group of kids that I taught art class to and will never forget them for it! I made that blue elephant in college in my one and only ceramics class, P.S...this girl CAN'T do 3-D work. Then that tea pot has been in the family for a while and use it for eye candy. And the pink/purple elephant I bought in Washington DC!

Sometimes I enjoy looking at how things land on my table. It's weird I know but I thrive off of having lots of visuals around me!

My little library of informational books, Art History textbooks, notebooks, journals and plenty of other things an artist hordes...You know what I mean!

As of now I have a delicious pile of Happy Mail shown below stacked in the open wooden box shelf that I tend to fawn over and fish through for inspiration. That chest up at the very top of that wooden box shelf is my Inspiration Station and I fish through there as well for more ideas.

At the very end of my table is like my dumping ground and I usually don't like the way it looks with my keys, purse and lunch boxes. But this time some of the colors looked pretty with my watercolor journal and floral table cloth. I'm thinking of turning this spot into a little work station where I pay bills and do computer work.

So then, after absorbing into my mess and building a battle plan I look at some of my stuff that I have laid out and made and figure out where I want them to go.

Lately I've been OBSESSED with under paper and I save the bejebez out of them. It's probably one of my hoarding materials. Thankfully it's free! Hahaha.

So then I put that under paper in that wooden caddy on the right where I have easy access to it.

Then I start putting things away in my homemade cardboard drawers that work extremely well for all my simple art journal needs.

This wooden caddy I bought while antique shopping with my Aunt and Grandmother, best find since the Goodwill Shelf.

Here I store all my colored pencils, drawing pencils, twistable crayons and of course my under paper.

So for more inspiration, I painted that simple little painting as a start for a children's book about a deer...what else right? Then I collected some finds on my nature walks and housed them on the little Goodwill shelf for eye candy as well.

So the very first year I went out west, we stopped at the Crazy Horse National Monument and they had a large wooden crate that held all the rocks that came off when carving the Crazy Horse Monument. Now I use to hold down all my drop clothes (which P.S are Lysol disinfecting wipes all dried up) and I can easily wipe my paintbrush on the cloth without it moving.

I keep my paint brushes and palette knives all in one jar that I dripped pink paint in for some extra flair.

And FINALLY, when I'm finished cleaning...the studio looks ready to be destroyed again!

This lazy susan, paint carry all was the best idea in storing paint! I highly recommend it! You can easily find it at Walmart.

Frequently used journals and inspirational coloring books right now.

So as you can see I am terribly simple when it comes to having art supplies and storage space. It just proves that you don't have to have an elaborate space to create, all you need are the basics, a few great Goodwill finds, a journal and your in business! Also dig around for some memorabilia and inspirational pieces to make your studio a conversational piece as well! Also, don't forget to have fun developing and place to call your own where creativity is unleashed and a mess doesn't matter...every now and then! ;)

Hope you enjoyed and Happy Creating!
May God Bless You and May You Bless God!

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  1. Ooh, this was fun! Can we do it again! Ha-ha! Your eclectic style is fabulous. This studio looks used and enjoyed and "REAL"!!! Hm, my favorite part? well, those cardboard drawers are giving me ideas. And I think you have found a good balance between having space to paint and also having a cozy and intimate spot to create and be inspired. Thnak-you for the tour Miranda.