Sunday, May 31, 2015

Clare Plantation is BACK

Hello Everyone! 
Super glad to be back here at Clare Plantation!

Got some news about several things that I have been working on for the past two weeks. 
Check it out below:

Click this link HERE to watch the Promo Video for "Clare Plantation Apprenticeship"

Hope you all enjoy some new Clare Plantation Goodies.

Happy Creating and May You Always Bless God!

June Monthly Challenge

June Monthly Challenge:

Pick a medium or new material and do something
completely different with it that you have never done before.

Video Process Here:

Here are a few close ups:

Friday, May 15, 2015

Learning Something at the Art Show

Hello my lovelies, I hope everyone has been doing well and has been creating like a mad artist! Over on this end, at Clare Plantation, I have had to do some reevaluating. I have realized after an art show that I previously entered that I need some work! I am struggling with composition and I think where I have been putting most of my time in, it has limited my growth as an artist.

Check out this painting by a lady who won best in show at the Art Show I attended. It is an oil painting that I literally couldn't keep my eyes off of the moment I walked into the gallery. So I based what I need to learn on how I reacted to this painting. It was a show stopper, it one best in show by it's composition and it's alluring color choices and size. I need to work on these areas the most.

So yes, this is a short post but I wanted to update you on where I stand. Clare Plantation is under a little bit of reconstruction. I need to figure out where I need the most work. I have been out of the learning phase for a while and have thought myself a professional artist. I'M NOT! I've got a lot of learning to do! I need to touch up on some things and I may be absent for just a little while.

(Anything look familiar?)

While I am a little absent, I will be preparing some workshops that will be available on my Etsy shop soon and I will make a quick Promo video to let you know what it is about. I am taking this time to make my work better and to develop as an artist. I also want to make content that is better for you lovely viewers! You all have been so supportive and there is nothing I can really do but THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!

(The Picnic one is mine)

I'll be back as soon as I can but until then, happy creating and if that creating means taking some time to re-learn something or develop your craft more, you and I are in the same boat!

Talk to you soon!
 Happy Creating and May You Always Bless God!

Monday, May 4, 2015

One Stencil Slap Down | Diamond Stencil

I came home from church and just had to make something! I whipped out my diamond stencil that I made a while back and went from there. I was surprised as to how easily ideas flowed in what to do next. I had no idea how I wanted to page to look but it turned out to be quite a favorite of mine. 

Layers lately have been something that I am experimenting with deliberately and unconsciously. I love the depth that you can create with piles of layers. New materials have been a great help to adding layers for experimentation and I think that is why ideas have been pouring in.

Take some time to splurge on something brand new and experiment. Don't be afraid to make a mistake! There are mistakes on this page and things that I don't really like but what I have learned that experimentation even with mess ups has it's own gratifying feeling. 

Happy Creating and May God Bless You Always!

What's Happenin' at Clare Plantation

Clare Plantation
All the while I was in college I kept talking and thinking about owning my own art business. It wasn't something that I was up nights thinking about but it was a picturesque idea for me and something that I really could see myself doing. 
So what does all this have to do with what has been going on in my life. Simply put, this dream or idea of managing my own business is about to come true. Clare Plantation is going to be growing even more than ever now with a business endeavor that I have entered with a friend. We are putting our heads together to help the Art Gallery and Glass Blowing Hot Shop, where I work part time, grow by offering more artistic opportunities for our community. In that business plan my time and effect will be focused on nothing but Clare Plantation.


Its super exciting to know that I will be putting my entire being and energy in this business. No more part time jobs and no more desk job! I'll be offering classes and workshops out the yin yang as well as retreats that will allow you access to come and visit to take workshops and classes yourself.

All of this is in major planning period right now and probably though the summer but Clare Plantation is growing from the internet to an actual place hopefully by this fall. It's important to say though that there was already a dream and business plan set aside for "The Grainery" (pictured below) by another group of people. I must uphold and respect that dream but I have been given permission to let Clare Plantation's presence reside off to the side.

Therefore, I will soon be absorbed in Clare Plantation and my classes more than ever now. I will be offering more for you and developing new ideas and opportunities to grow as an artist. That is my goal to help you develop your artistic skills and be proud of it!

Thank you so much for those of you who have been with me so far. You have been nothing but wonderful people offering amazing support. Clare Plantation is for you and you alone and I pray that I can do nothing more but offer my abilities to you for years to come!

Friday, May 1, 2015

Inspiration Lately!

One morning and one evening I raced outside to take pictures of some beautiful spring days! I was breathless the whole time!

*No Filter* Yes the sky really was that blue!

I am a firm believer that all you have to do it take pictures of what surrounds you for inspiration! Turn the computer off and paint what you see! You will be surprised how inspired and fullfilled you will feel!

Happy Creating and May God Bless You Always!