Thursday, April 23, 2015

Sketchbook | Art Journal Style

I have spent the past couple of days developing a sketchbook. I have the large typical one for basic sketches but this one I wanted to make a sketchbook art journal style. 

I fished around on pinterest for a while and came across this GORGEOUS blog HERE called "A Year to Inspire" The blog right now is centered around sketch challenges that are posted every Sunday. I went back to the first post and started with "What you see". It was my cactus that I had placed right next to my desk. This was the perfect project to keep my going and in the style that I preferred.

But before I worked on the challenge with my cactus, I broke into my sketchbook by adding of course some random sketching along with some stamps by Rae Missigman which you can go check out HERE.

The evening that I was working on this particular sketchbook page was especially beautiful. The trees sparkled and gleamed like gold and I just had to capture that. By no means am I a water color professional. It is a medium I have not used much at all but I still enjoy playing around with it.

This space that I created for my sketchbook work is very small, small enough to fit below my bed in my room. I have missed being upstairs next to the windows while I work, so I moved a small desk up to the windows just for this particular project to mix up my surroundings a bit for inspiration.

This particular page is my front cover. It still needs a little bit of work but I'm liking the effect so far.

Last but not lease, the page to the left with the cactus is the take of my first challenge "What you see" like I mentioned above. It has that sketchy look to it which I want to be paramount in this book. The page to the right is another quick study of a technique creating loose blotchy watercolor strokes and drawing over the spots, doodles of a flower. It really turned our to be one of my favorites so far. 

This is a journey I really was to continue doing. It is such a tranquil past time and helps me calm down after a busy, long day. Sometimes I come home dog tired and yet still want to desperatly create something quick. This little sketchbook allows that small ounce of creativity to happen quickly. I feel more accomplished and satisfied. 

Challenge yourself to keep a sketchbook, art journal style and see how accomplished you feel even if it is just a moment of your time.

Enjoy the rest of your day and May God Bless You Always!

Check out my video process of these pages below:


  1. Looks great, and I love your post, Miranda. :)

  2. Thanks for this inspiration - the bird sound was wonderful and my new, silent, scared bird finally started chirping! I love making cards and save one for myself to use later if I want more. You gave me the idea to use one of my journal books that I love making to save the sample cards inside - brilliant!

  3. Awwwww thank you so much! I'm so glad to have supplied you with inspiration. This project for me is just something different and I think adds a bit of contrast to my frequently vibrant colored blog! Hahaha thats so funny about your bird...never thought my videos would give a bird it's song! Hahaha! Yeah that card I actually got for my birthday and I just thought the detail and artwork on it was so pretty I just had to save it! Thanks so much for your comment!

  4. I love the bird song, too! Thanks for the peak into your sketchbook :). Watercolors are so much fun -- such a different beast when used on actual watercolor paper, but I LOVE the way they crinkle regular paper, and how fast they are to use no matter your chosen canvas. Plus, how awesome is your little "water cup"? Btw, is that a real feather you're using to write with? Looks awesome either way!


  5. Aww I'm so glad you enjoyed it. No I don't think the feather pen is real but buying it in an authentic bookstore in Williamsburg just gives me the sensation of it being real hahah! That water cup I just bought from goodwill and is a perfect size. Yeah watercolor is new to me and yes I wanted that wrecked and overly used look to it so hopefully it will over exceed my expectations. Thanks so much for commenting! I really do enjoy reading what you all have to say and get out of the posts, much appreciated!

  6. I love your feather pen. I have just recently purchased some dip pen nibs and I am slowly but surely starting to use them on everything. I have even bought white ink (I had no idea it was available in white til now lol) Your book is great and I love the fact you are not precious about the watercolour wrinkling the paper. I will stop being so much of a worry wart about that kind of thing in the future :)