Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Mail Art With Friends

Mail art has been something that has intrigued me from the first moment I learned about it. I am an admirer of many old fashion traditions and sending handmade mail back and forth to another person makes me feel blissfully excited.

Adding pizazz to an envelope lets the recipient to know that what they have in the mail is gonna be so much more enjoyable, instead of a nasty bill. It's important to me to add a bit of my flavor to the envelope and to make it something special, not only for them to visually enjoy, but to cut it up and use it in their projects.

What I usually like to put in my mail art is most importantly a note to let the person know how much you appreciate them or any kind of note you would like. I like to send under paper, a piece of paper with my stamps on them and little pieces of emphemera. I keep it simple so that the recipient isn't overwhelmed and that I can spend more time on one thing instead of being sloppy on some many pieces.

But most importantly mail art has been a God sent to me as I am one of six girls who have met at the beginning of the year. We are the moderators to the Documented Life Project 2015 and we use mail art to connect even further in our friendship. We have even started our own project called "The Traveling Art Tag". Each of us girls create a tag and send it to the person in a rotation we created. Eventually that tag will return to us fully decorated by the hands of each of us.

(Pictured from left to right)
 Erin Stahl, Shawna Strange, Anna Friesen, Lois Stoneking, and Chris Gromann

Our friendship has truly grown over the past couple of months and mail art has been a huge part in extending our friendship. I encourage you to join the Documented Life Project 2015 so that you can see these beautiful ladies artwork. They are super and crazy talented and have their own personal and distinct style that is breathtaking. 

I also encourage you to swap mail art back a forth with group of your closest friends. Study how you would like to construct you mail art and brighten up someone's day with your personal handmade pieces. I promise you, you will feel such a warm satisfaction doing it and your friends will appreciate it as well. 

Happy Creating and May God Bless You Always!

Click this link below to find out more about the Documented Life Project.


  1. Very nice blog!
    Where did you get the frames for your photos in this post?

    1. It's this app that I got for my Mac computer called Fotor. It's an excellently simple app that allows me to do quick edits to my photos! I highly recommend it!