Sunday, April 19, 2015

Documented Life Project | Watercolor Challenge

Good Sunday Evening to you all! It's so nice to finally be back, up and running. With the pressure of job applications, new students to teach and finishing up a class for some homeschoolers all winding's time to get back to work.

So how does a little Documented Life Project Catchup sound...
This page spread dealt with the week of April 4th.

April Theme
Color Safari - Exploring Inks & Paints
April 4
Art Challenge:  Watercolors
Journal Prompt:  It's Water Under The Bridge

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So I spent a day or two re-organizing and re-organizing again, my studio. I get two things out of this process, one a delicious desire to get back in the studio because all furniture is arranged different to be fresh and new. It allows me to look at things differently and just start a new with a clean slate, so nice. Two, when I orgainze materials, I find things that I haven't laid eyes on in a while and it starts to create new ideas for my art journaling projects. So I used found black construction paper to create a gelli print, which kickstarted some ideas for my watercolor challenge spread.

I had been working on the watercolor challenge page prior to this whole week that I took off, but every time I went back to it I had no idea what to do next and no inspiration what so ever. 

So when I got back to work I used some masks from a stencil I made in the gelli printing experiment as you see above. I kept those masks that were painted and thought I might incorporate it within my page. See how finding something that you have forgotten about might just lead you to another idea for your projects.

I taped those pasley pink shapes down then whipped out my beautiful Art Pops Cards by Roben-Marie Smith. 

I decided to put my own spin on her art pop cards but stamping with one of my stamps on the back of the card...

...and then cut them out to look like my stamps but with Roben-Marie feness! 

It turned out really cool looking.

Then with all these few features of the pasley shapes and Roben-Marie's design, it added just enough flare to my page.

As for the watercolor, I used it to color in, splatter and outline features all over the page.

I finished the page and was pleased with it. I loved the texture and all the little details here and there.

These pages were a perfect way to get out of my funk, try something new, find something and use it differently and just have fun. The last thing I needed was pressure and stress. 

Let your pages be a way to become stress free. Don't fixate on having a stellar perfect page...fixate on having a page that you learn something from.

May God Bless You Always!

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