Sunday, April 19, 2015

Documented Life Project | Acrylic Paint Challenge

Believe it or not but my inspiration came from my pallete and tool to scrap paint with. I liked to color combinations and sloppiness of paint. So I ran with it without a second thought.

April Theme
Color Safari (Exploring Inks and Paints)
April 11
Art Challenge:  Acrylics
Journal Prompt:  Cry Me a River

So for the first step I got messy, used me fingers and smeared paint around in a confined space trying to remember what colors I used to get such a combination on that card pallete I have.

Then I took the bottom of my paintbrush and carved a flower image out. That was fun to see that deep blue pop through that orange. Once again, my favorite complimentary colors.

From here I glued some strips of under paper down.

Then I slapped and smeared gesso around along with more acrylic paint. I wanted to focus on being sloppy and messy, not so much prestine and perfect strokes. I wanted to have little surprises of texture.

I took a stencil that I made and dapped just a few shapes from it to add another element to the page.

At this point I got lost in my own work and forgot to take pictures. This just shows how much I was getting into it and thinking a little bit more about how the page would look it's best. I drew several times around the green stenciled diamonds with paint pens, glued some book paper down, added some gelli printed leaves from my "Gelli Printing with Flowers and Leaves" post, doodled some small dots and last but not least topped it all off with more of Roben-Marie's circle stickers.

It finally became finished in my eyes.

Yet again it was a blast just to be sloppy and messy with acrylic paint.

Hope you enjoy and May God Bless You Always.

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  1. Totally inspired by your flower carved in paint! -- Fatima