Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Being Creative at my Day Job!

I have a day job that has more slow, boring and uneventful days than average. I sit at a desk and answer phone calls and work on the computer a lot when we are busy. Then for those days that have nothing going on, I whip out my handy dandy bag o goodies. Yes I bring my huge Vera Bradley with me to work filled with art supplies and projects that I am working on at the time. 

I am the kind of person who must have something to do with my hands. I am more calm and happy when I keep my hands and mind busy. I have spent a full day at work doing absolutely nothing but just working on the computer (non-work related) and I nearly lost my mind. 

I noticed in myself that when I have a project I can get back to after moment of work is complete, I am more myself and able to function throughout the day!

So my tips for creating something at a day job you despise, knowing that all you want to do it create is bring a bag o goodies. Stash that bag off to the side and when there is a dull moment, find a spot that is succluded and out of the way for you to go back to and work on even for a few seconds, you'll be glad you did it!

Of course, make sure that it is okay with your boss that you bring such things to work to work on. I have comfronted my boss about this and he completely understands. He knows who I am and knows that this isn't the job for me. I only stay at my job because it pays the bills and he knows that.

Keep your workspace small of course, don't spread out to much! Keep your supplies travel size and compact so that it doesn't overwhelm or distract any other employes you are working with!

So I came home perfectly elated, knowing that I had gotten a painting done. I felt accomplished and energized, where as if I didn't have a project to do, I'd come home as a complete zombie!

Check out my Etsy Shop HERE for prints of the piece I painted here.

Happy Creating everyone and may God bless you ALWAYS!


  1. I have been wanting to organise a travel bag for a while now. I am glad I am not the only one who wishes they could do art when its not so busy at work :)

  2. Oh that is gorgeous!!! Your article reminds me of Danny Gregory's book Art Before Breakfast. This is what his book is about: fitting in art no matter how crazy and chaotic Life is. Or for you, fitting it in when life is boring. ;)