Thursday, April 23, 2015

Sketchbook | Art Journal Style

I have spent the past couple of days developing a sketchbook. I have the large typical one for basic sketches but this one I wanted to make a sketchbook art journal style. 

I fished around on pinterest for a while and came across this GORGEOUS blog HERE called "A Year to Inspire" The blog right now is centered around sketch challenges that are posted every Sunday. I went back to the first post and started with "What you see". It was my cactus that I had placed right next to my desk. This was the perfect project to keep my going and in the style that I preferred.

But before I worked on the challenge with my cactus, I broke into my sketchbook by adding of course some random sketching along with some stamps by Rae Missigman which you can go check out HERE.

The evening that I was working on this particular sketchbook page was especially beautiful. The trees sparkled and gleamed like gold and I just had to capture that. By no means am I a water color professional. It is a medium I have not used much at all but I still enjoy playing around with it.

This space that I created for my sketchbook work is very small, small enough to fit below my bed in my room. I have missed being upstairs next to the windows while I work, so I moved a small desk up to the windows just for this particular project to mix up my surroundings a bit for inspiration.

This particular page is my front cover. It still needs a little bit of work but I'm liking the effect so far.

Last but not lease, the page to the left with the cactus is the take of my first challenge "What you see" like I mentioned above. It has that sketchy look to it which I want to be paramount in this book. The page to the right is another quick study of a technique creating loose blotchy watercolor strokes and drawing over the spots, doodles of a flower. It really turned our to be one of my favorites so far. 

This is a journey I really was to continue doing. It is such a tranquil past time and helps me calm down after a busy, long day. Sometimes I come home dog tired and yet still want to desperatly create something quick. This little sketchbook allows that small ounce of creativity to happen quickly. I feel more accomplished and satisfied. 

Challenge yourself to keep a sketchbook, art journal style and see how accomplished you feel even if it is just a moment of your time.

Enjoy the rest of your day and May God Bless You Always!

Check out my video process of these pages below:

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Documented Life Project | Watercolor Challenge

Good Sunday Evening to you all! It's so nice to finally be back, up and running. With the pressure of job applications, new students to teach and finishing up a class for some homeschoolers all winding's time to get back to work.

So how does a little Documented Life Project Catchup sound...
This page spread dealt with the week of April 4th.

April Theme
Color Safari - Exploring Inks & Paints
April 4
Art Challenge:  Watercolors
Journal Prompt:  It's Water Under The Bridge

Check out previous challenges HERE at the Art 5 Academy.

So I spent a day or two re-organizing and re-organizing again, my studio. I get two things out of this process, one a delicious desire to get back in the studio because all furniture is arranged different to be fresh and new. It allows me to look at things differently and just start a new with a clean slate, so nice. Two, when I orgainze materials, I find things that I haven't laid eyes on in a while and it starts to create new ideas for my art journaling projects. So I used found black construction paper to create a gelli print, which kickstarted some ideas for my watercolor challenge spread.

I had been working on the watercolor challenge page prior to this whole week that I took off, but every time I went back to it I had no idea what to do next and no inspiration what so ever. 

So when I got back to work I used some masks from a stencil I made in the gelli printing experiment as you see above. I kept those masks that were painted and thought I might incorporate it within my page. See how finding something that you have forgotten about might just lead you to another idea for your projects.

I taped those pasley pink shapes down then whipped out my beautiful Art Pops Cards by Roben-Marie Smith. 

I decided to put my own spin on her art pop cards but stamping with one of my stamps on the back of the card...

...and then cut them out to look like my stamps but with Roben-Marie feness! 

It turned out really cool looking.

Then with all these few features of the pasley shapes and Roben-Marie's design, it added just enough flare to my page.

As for the watercolor, I used it to color in, splatter and outline features all over the page.

I finished the page and was pleased with it. I loved the texture and all the little details here and there.

These pages were a perfect way to get out of my funk, try something new, find something and use it differently and just have fun. The last thing I needed was pressure and stress. 

Let your pages be a way to become stress free. Don't fixate on having a stellar perfect page...fixate on having a page that you learn something from.

May God Bless You Always!

Documented Life Project | Acrylic Paint Challenge

Believe it or not but my inspiration came from my pallete and tool to scrap paint with. I liked to color combinations and sloppiness of paint. So I ran with it without a second thought.

April Theme
Color Safari (Exploring Inks and Paints)
April 11
Art Challenge:  Acrylics
Journal Prompt:  Cry Me a River

So for the first step I got messy, used me fingers and smeared paint around in a confined space trying to remember what colors I used to get such a combination on that card pallete I have.

Then I took the bottom of my paintbrush and carved a flower image out. That was fun to see that deep blue pop through that orange. Once again, my favorite complimentary colors.

From here I glued some strips of under paper down.

Then I slapped and smeared gesso around along with more acrylic paint. I wanted to focus on being sloppy and messy, not so much prestine and perfect strokes. I wanted to have little surprises of texture.

I took a stencil that I made and dapped just a few shapes from it to add another element to the page.

At this point I got lost in my own work and forgot to take pictures. This just shows how much I was getting into it and thinking a little bit more about how the page would look it's best. I drew several times around the green stenciled diamonds with paint pens, glued some book paper down, added some gelli printed leaves from my "Gelli Printing with Flowers and Leaves" post, doodled some small dots and last but not least topped it all off with more of Roben-Marie's circle stickers.

It finally became finished in my eyes.

Yet again it was a blast just to be sloppy and messy with acrylic paint.

Hope you enjoy and May God Bless You Always.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Mail Art With Friends

Mail art has been something that has intrigued me from the first moment I learned about it. I am an admirer of many old fashion traditions and sending handmade mail back and forth to another person makes me feel blissfully excited.

Adding pizazz to an envelope lets the recipient to know that what they have in the mail is gonna be so much more enjoyable, instead of a nasty bill. It's important to me to add a bit of my flavor to the envelope and to make it something special, not only for them to visually enjoy, but to cut it up and use it in their projects.

What I usually like to put in my mail art is most importantly a note to let the person know how much you appreciate them or any kind of note you would like. I like to send under paper, a piece of paper with my stamps on them and little pieces of emphemera. I keep it simple so that the recipient isn't overwhelmed and that I can spend more time on one thing instead of being sloppy on some many pieces.

But most importantly mail art has been a God sent to me as I am one of six girls who have met at the beginning of the year. We are the moderators to the Documented Life Project 2015 and we use mail art to connect even further in our friendship. We have even started our own project called "The Traveling Art Tag". Each of us girls create a tag and send it to the person in a rotation we created. Eventually that tag will return to us fully decorated by the hands of each of us.

(Pictured from left to right)
 Erin Stahl, Shawna Strange, Anna Friesen, Lois Stoneking, and Chris Gromann

Our friendship has truly grown over the past couple of months and mail art has been a huge part in extending our friendship. I encourage you to join the Documented Life Project 2015 so that you can see these beautiful ladies artwork. They are super and crazy talented and have their own personal and distinct style that is breathtaking. 

I also encourage you to swap mail art back a forth with group of your closest friends. Study how you would like to construct you mail art and brighten up someone's day with your personal handmade pieces. I promise you, you will feel such a warm satisfaction doing it and your friends will appreciate it as well. 

Happy Creating and May God Bless You Always!

Click this link below to find out more about the Documented Life Project.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Studio and Painting Updates

Went to work today at the studio. I continued working on this painting that for some reason I can't seem to finish. I've been working on it for months upon months so much so that it has layers upon layers, it's ridiculous! But I'm loving the texture that the adding of layers come with!

I've worked a ton on my mural and thought now would be a good time to give you an update. I'm still not quite finished because I want to have some of my students help me out with some of the bushes, just so they can say they worked on a mural!

This studio space has been through a lot with me, the lady that owns the place says that every time she comes back to my studio, it changes constantly...I have fallen in love with this small cubby of the west, it's a fantastic little escape.

So as for that painting you see on that easel, this is what it first looked like when I came in today to work.

Then I added a bit more red violet tones to the red rock formation, a few Van Gogh swirls inspired by starry night and pine trees near the bottom. I'm trying to enter this bad boy in a show and I'm struggling with knowing when it is finished or not. 

Then I keep reminding myself that I must become the viewer. What I mean by that is I have to come to the point where I begin to look at it and enjoy it more as if I were the viewer. Also when my message becomes clearer and the painting speaks that message whithout me saying anything, that's when I realize I am done. It's getting so close, I'm right there at the edge and I'll be so excited to finally see this baby up on a wall!

Hope you enjoy and May God Bless You Always!