Monday, March 16, 2015

Clare Plantation Trailer

Happy Monday to everyone here from the Plantation. I have just uploaded
a new trailer to my YouTube Channel Clare Plantation. I wanted to share with you
all the new things coming up here at Clare Plantation both on my blog and YouTube
Channel because they both kinda go hand in hand. I treat my YouTube Channel as a video
form of a blog and my blog is where I can talk a little more in depth about whats going on
in my life artistically!

Here are some things that will be coming up soon on Clare Plantation.

For the New:
1. One Stamp/Stencil Slap Down - A warm up art journal page process video series.
2. Monthly Challenge Videos - A different challenge each month to make journal pages.
3. Art History Journal Pages - Study Art History to make even better journal pages.
4. Studio Vloging - Let you see what I do in my studios every day.
5. Journal Pages for Digital Download - Check out my Etsy Shop for those.
6. Collage Sheets for Digital Download - Check out my Etsy Shop as well for those.
7. (Eventually in the Future) Workshop DVDs in my Etsy Shop.
8. Make my Own Children's Books on Board Books to sell on my Etsy Shop.
9. Create Mail Art to send back and forth - If you are interested in sending mail art 
back and forth with me at Clare Plantation follow me on my Facebook
page HERE and PM me your address and we can send stuff back and forth 
to each other! Watch out for videos on my YouTube Channel as well so you
can see what you might be getting in your mailbox.


For the Old:
1. Documented Life Project Process Videos every now and then.
2. Art Journal Page Process Videos.
3. Studio Design Tips and Tricks.
4. Tips, Tricks and Techniques on how to get your best art journal page.

If you are new here at Clare Plantation I hope you enjoy yourself and can find
some inspiration for your artistic life! If you are old here you have been such a
support and I appreciate all of your comments and presence here at
Clare Plantation. I hope you have a wonderful week, stay tuned for a flooding of
YouTube videos this week to kick off my new beginnings and my God Bless You!

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