Thursday, March 26, 2015

Clare Plantation | Home to the Books and Journals

Here lately I have been working diligently on how to expand..."me"! What do I need to offer and what do I have to give? What am I trying to say to you all as a small business owner? I was sitting at my desk and just started writing. This is what came out.  

Even when I was little, a book with empty pages put me in a frenzy to put something on them and fast. With pencil in hand, it took over. When I was little I would bring home piles of books from the library with stories that excited me. Even though reading wasn't my favorite past time, those stories, the stack and smell of books made me learn something and feel good and comforted.

I have always been one to be reeled into a bookstore, new and old by a force I have yet to understand. Books tell stories, hold secrets, dreams, ideas, drawings, lists, wishes and so on and so forth. The cover even allows a kickstart to what you are about to create or read. 

When finished reading or creating, it's a journey in which you learn something about others or yourself. You can hold that lesson and knowledge with you forever in your hands and visually go back and learn again.

At Clare Plantation, I house these journals and books in my so called "Plantation" like a fancy, ethereal library or bookstore. I put them before a painting because if we don't learn how to paint by practicing and learning new ideas, where would the paintings come from!

I think the whole purpose of Clare Plantation is what can be created in a book form. Yes I still want to paint but it all starts in an art journal or a sketchbook. You get ideas from your art journals and sketchbook you experiment in and literally live in day in and day out.  You also get ideas from a store bought book or magazine with information in it to help you create an original painting. A book to me is a work of art empty or full because it offers so much to us as artists. Therefore HAIL TO THE BOOKS!


  1. Love, love, love this post, and the pictures with your journals all spread out. Your little junk journal from envelopes is seriously YUM.

    I've been watching art journaling videos for some years now, but only recently discovered your YouTube channel and blog. You have such a unique, distinctive style, Miranda. A part of me is so impressed I just want to copy your style... but more importantly, you've inspired me to try to step away from the artists I've already been "copying" to try to discover my own unique style.

    It's my first time commenting, although I've read and drooled (*sorry, hands you napkin*) over your blog posts for a few months now. I can't get enough of your art!

    Fatima :)

    1. You have no idea how much I appreciate your comment! Believe me though I have had and still have my fair share of copying or fawning over other artists such as Rae Missigman! I could stare at her work and studio space all day but I have to real myself back into who I am. It's hard especially with so many beautiful visuals splashed all over social media, it's easy to forget about who you are and what you like to do! I'm trying to teach myself to focus on my style because that is how artists we love, end up being what we fawn over. They do their own thing! I'm so glad you are here and have enjoyed yourself! Hahaha, you are so funny but to be honest I can't help but go nuts over your comment! That is the sweetest thing someone has ever said to me...I pray God shower many a blessing on you!

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