Thursday, March 26, 2015

Clare Plantation | Home to the Books and Journals

Here lately I have been working diligently on how to expand..."me"! What do I need to offer and what do I have to give? What am I trying to say to you all as a small business owner? I was sitting at my desk and just started writing. This is what came out.  

Even when I was little, a book with empty pages put me in a frenzy to put something on them and fast. With pencil in hand, it took over. When I was little I would bring home piles of books from the library with stories that excited me. Even though reading wasn't my favorite past time, those stories, the stack and smell of books made me learn something and feel good and comforted.

I have always been one to be reeled into a bookstore, new and old by a force I have yet to understand. Books tell stories, hold secrets, dreams, ideas, drawings, lists, wishes and so on and so forth. The cover even allows a kickstart to what you are about to create or read. 

When finished reading or creating, it's a journey in which you learn something about others or yourself. You can hold that lesson and knowledge with you forever in your hands and visually go back and learn again.

At Clare Plantation, I house these journals and books in my so called "Plantation" like a fancy, ethereal library or bookstore. I put them before a painting because if we don't learn how to paint by practicing and learning new ideas, where would the paintings come from!

I think the whole purpose of Clare Plantation is what can be created in a book form. Yes I still want to paint but it all starts in an art journal or a sketchbook. You get ideas from your art journals and sketchbook you experiment in and literally live in day in and day out.  You also get ideas from a store bought book or magazine with information in it to help you create an original painting. A book to me is a work of art empty or full because it offers so much to us as artists. Therefore HAIL TO THE BOOKS!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Week 11 | Documented Life Project - Borders

March Theme
Making Your Mark (Doodles & Mark Making)
March 14
Art Challenge:  Borders
Journal Prompt:  "Borderline feels like I'm going to lose my mind."

Hello everyone, I have been super swamped with my YouTube video campaign that I forgot to really blog! I'm back and have a new DLP spread for you that I am quite pleased with. It didn't take long at all, it took basically just one sitting and a few "Joanie Loves Chachi" episodes to finish it. Hahaha, I know I'm a cheesy nerd!

For this week, I took some left over scraps or strips of under paper, gelli printed paper and scrapbook paper to layer one on top of the other. I interpreted it as a border on top of border, on top of border so on and so on. I framed in the stacked borders by painting in a sunset or sunrise sky to make it look like a mountain of some imaginary kind. Then I whipped out my trusty deer stamp and drew a few trees here and there to add to the woodsy effect. My favorite part was when I added the light flowers that I got inspiration from HERE. It adds just the perfect amount of detail and pattern for me.

Interested in buying some prints of my Documented Life Project Pages? Check out my Etsy shop HERE for a few and many more to come! Hope you Enjoy Everyone!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

One Stamp Slap Down | Art Journal Process

Go and check out the start of my new video series "One Stamp Slap Down"

In this segment, I want to help you by doing a warmup art journal page. All you

have to do it slap a stencil or a stamp down on the paper, in this case, and work

around that particular thing you slap down. This is to help you get over that

moment where you look at that blank white page and you have no idea what to do.

Slapping something down quickly will help you to stop over thinking and to

make something fast!

I really hope you enjoy these video series and thanks so much for watching!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Clare Plantation Trailer

Happy Monday to everyone here from the Plantation. I have just uploaded
a new trailer to my YouTube Channel Clare Plantation. I wanted to share with you
all the new things coming up here at Clare Plantation both on my blog and YouTube
Channel because they both kinda go hand in hand. I treat my YouTube Channel as a video
form of a blog and my blog is where I can talk a little more in depth about whats going on
in my life artistically!

Here are some things that will be coming up soon on Clare Plantation.

For the New:
1. One Stamp/Stencil Slap Down - A warm up art journal page process video series.
2. Monthly Challenge Videos - A different challenge each month to make journal pages.
3. Art History Journal Pages - Study Art History to make even better journal pages.
4. Studio Vloging - Let you see what I do in my studios every day.
5. Journal Pages for Digital Download - Check out my Etsy Shop for those.
6. Collage Sheets for Digital Download - Check out my Etsy Shop as well for those.
7. (Eventually in the Future) Workshop DVDs in my Etsy Shop.
8. Make my Own Children's Books on Board Books to sell on my Etsy Shop.
9. Create Mail Art to send back and forth - If you are interested in sending mail art 
back and forth with me at Clare Plantation follow me on my Facebook
page HERE and PM me your address and we can send stuff back and forth 
to each other! Watch out for videos on my YouTube Channel as well so you
can see what you might be getting in your mailbox.


For the Old:
1. Documented Life Project Process Videos every now and then.
2. Art Journal Page Process Videos.
3. Studio Design Tips and Tricks.
4. Tips, Tricks and Techniques on how to get your best art journal page.

If you are new here at Clare Plantation I hope you enjoy yourself and can find
some inspiration for your artistic life! If you are old here you have been such a
support and I appreciate all of your comments and presence here at
Clare Plantation. I hope you have a wonderful week, stay tuned for a flooding of
YouTube videos this week to kick off my new beginnings and my God Bless You!