Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Week 8 | Documented Life Project - Repeating Elements

Hello, and welcome to week 8 of the Documented Life Project. 

February Theme
Layers You Will Love!
February 21
Art Challenge:  Repeating Elements
Journal Prompt:  It's Worth Repeating

I started this particular challenge spread off a little differently than I usually do. I created a process for myself that seems to work best for me. They are a series of steps that you can try out for yourself as well. But before we dive into the steps, I wanted to explain my page spread just a little more. The reason why I repeated the element of a deer is because I believe the personality of a deer is very similar to mine. It was kind of freaky when I realized it as well. So I painted the little beauties over and over again and made it official, the deer is my Clare Plantation trademark and logo! 

Four Steps in my Art Journal Creative Process:

1. Sketch It Out: Find an image of your choosing and sketch it out. Do it quickly and don't think about perfection. Organize where you want things to go and live. I choose to draw a mess of deer near the bottom right of my page and I did it quickly. I even drew one where that stamp of a deer is now, but I covered it up eventually with it. So draw quickly and don't get attached to what you draw because it may be that you cover it up later.

2. Block color: Here all you have to do is get the basic amount of color down, be it on your drawings or just anywhere on the page. I use paint at this stage and I used weird colors of paint on my deer too. It can be any kind of media you want such as oil pastels, crayons, watercolor, colored pencils, acrylic paint, markers or paint pens. Just take this time to get color down by way of your color producing media.


3. Scraps and Stamps: At this point I whip out my handy dandy under paper and layer with it like a mad women. It can be any kind of scraps such as, scrapbook paper, book paper, magazine paper, gelli print paper or any kind of scraps that you have. This just adds that random amount of color and shapes that you really couldn't get with just your color producing media. Then I use my stamps, my lovely hand carved stamps and have a party with them by adding them where ever they are needed the most on my page.

 4. Final Details: This part is my favorite because it acts, to me, like the sewing of the edges and bringing everything together. I generally use my paint pens, Sharpie White Out pens and Prismacolor drawing pens to add snippets of pattern and last little bits of color. You could use also pencils and any other color producing media to do this part but it's just a step that tells me that the page is almost finished. It also is like adding little bits of bejeweled bling all over my page.


These steps help me like crazy and I will more and likely be using them the most whenever I am stumped. I can also use these steps to help me just to get started. If I were to deviate from the steps and go back and draw something and them use stamps and then draw again, well of course that's okay. These steps are just a guild line for me to get started and not fall apart in the middle of the process. I hope they have helped and I hope you have enjoyed my pages.

If you are interested I have a video process on my YouTube channel CLARE PLANATION and you can watch how I create this spread from start to finish.

Also go and check out the Art 5 Academy for more inspiration and details about their amazing project...
The Documented Life Project!

Other than that, I hope you have a blessed day and HAPPY CREATING!


  1. Beautiful spread.I love the colours you chose for the deer.

  2. I could look at this spread for a long time and feel like I haven't seen it all yet. Really engaging. Thanks for sharing your steps. Helpful, as I am learning and finding my style. I see what I like and am exploring without any training. I'm doing DLP2015 and bookmarked your blog after your wonderful share.
    I have a crochet afghan on my lap now. It was done last winter, but my husband asked me to add some more rows. Happy weekend to you, and let's look forward to spring. Alexine in Maryland