Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Week 7 | Documented Life Project - 2015

February Theme

Layers You Will Love!

February 14
Art Challenge:  Cover Up Good Stuff
Journal Prompt:  Going Undercover
Hey guys, I finished my DLP week 7 spread today and I officially love it, after a few changes I made. 

I interpreted the art challenge "cover up the good stuff" to cover up the stuff that you particularly like. I had it figured, yes it stings to cover something up you like but, just imagine even better greatness coming after you cover it up. So there was a part in the bottom right hand corner that I really liked when I first started out, but if I didn't cover it, I wouldn't have gotten that bright forest scene. 

I was strolling through some of my photos on my IPad and I found a photo that my sister randomly and actually accidentally took of me. I was fluffing my hair at the time just before an Easter picture my Mom was trying to take of us. So I decided to paint...Me! I then used the Journal prompt and twisted it to the quote I wrote about myself, "Undercover Queen Of My Own Forest"

Of course I had to put a deer in and behind a tree. A friend of mine told me recently that when she sees the deer when strolling through the DLP feed on Facebook, she knew it was my work. Kinda cool trademark I think! 

Don't forget to head back to the Art 5 Academy HERE for more inspiration.

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