Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Week 6 | Documented Life Project - The Journal 2015

Soooooo, welcome back everyone to week 6. It was last week yes but, it took me a while to build up exactly what I wanted on my page. I interpreted this challenge like I approached in painting in college. My art professor asked us once when we thought a painting is finished. I answered that it never really was finished because you can always keep working on it. Then he, or course, gave the much better answer. He said you are finished with the painting...when you as the artist become the viewer. I really tried my best to feel becoming the viewer on the challenge.

February Theme
Layers You Will Love!
February 7
Art Challenge:  When Not To Stop
Journal Prompt:  "Don't Stop Til You Get Enough!" (Ooh)

So I went a little further and I thought a little personally about this page. I wrote in the very back before I put a drop of paint on the page that I look forward to when the man that I will love finally reveals himself out of the LAYERS of years that I have waited for him.

And directly beside my page is a sketch of a my Dads truck I drew in college for my senior show. There is no significance to this truck being next to this weeks challenge. I just like how the business of color in my challenge page contrasted with the less business in color in the truck and Dollie. They played well off of each other I thought and I just wanted it in my book as a little dash of memorabilia.

Hope you enjoy!
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