Thursday, February 26, 2015

Just a few favorites at the moment...

Is it just me or am I the only one that loves looking at the edges of the pages in my journal. All that color...aaaahhhh! Happiness in a stack of journals!

These are my absolute, all time favorite journals right now! I love the colors and crazy amount of texture. The one on the left is "My Style Journal" the one where I do most of my art journal peeks from. On the right is my lovely DLP...ain't she perty!

Oh under paper where have you been all my life! Truely on of the best things, out of many, about the Documented Life Project is that they introduced under paper to me. It's a perfect source of media to get color on a journal page and fast. It also helps when you are stumped and there is just one spot that needs some random color...BRING IN THE UNDER-PAPER!

I had this chalk board for forever and I wrote many a math problem on it when I played school when I was little. I hung it in our tree house and played school in there with it and now it has ended up in my studio. I had it stashed away in my room just for memory purposes but I thought I'd use it for wall decor. And what could be any more appropriate than to showcase my business "Clare Plantation". 

I have had this afgan stashed away for so long, I worked on it around Thanksgiving like mad but as every left after that holiday, it was like the button was turned off  to my crocheting machine. Now I pick it up every now to work on it and enjoy taking it slow. 

Oh Van Gogh...this was the best book purchase of my life! I have stared at his paintings for hours just marveling at his handiwork! I've studied and read everything that I could so far and have put a ton of his techniques in my paintings here of late.

Alright, time to get back to work. Hope you have enjoyed what I have been fawning over lately. Let me know what you have been loving here of late. 

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