Monday, February 23, 2015

First and Most Recent | Art Journal Peek

I've been in a frenzy here of late to create as many art journal pages as I can. There is just something about having a new page or page spread covered in art journaling goodiness to run your fingers over and be proud of. This particular page spread I am very proud of and I like the result that I got because it was so different from my original thought.

Stay tuned for my next blog post where this art journal page spread gets featured in my newest video about my week 8 Documented Life Project Process. I created a new creative process for myself with this particular page spread and in the video I put the process to another test to create my week 8 challenge of repeating elements. Hope you stick around for more. 

For now I hope you enjoy my latest art journal peek.  

So I thought what would be really cool, is to set side by side my first art journal page and my most recent one. Look at the's unreal sometimes to watch how you change over time! Dig out your very first official art journal page and lay it next to your most will be surprised at what you see!


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  2. I love every bit, Miranda. I enjoy carving stamps too, but have not found my voice yet for their use in my art journals.