Monday, January 19, 2015

Operation Mural - Southwestern Inspired Update #2

Back again guys! I dropped my sister off at school again and party hardied on over to the studio to work on the detail in my southwestern mural.

It's a serious mess right now and I'm gonna have to be honest, I really wish that I had the mural done so that I can get that feeling I want of being out west while I paint!

This part takes especially long, the detail after blocking all the color. Its the part that becomes overwhelming but when you just jump in, it becomes much easier to keep going! If you can see, I have a picture of Horseshoe Bend on the floor next to the stool. I try my best to squint and see smaller blocks of color within the picture and paint from there. It makes the detail stage flow a bit better.

I love the look of piles of paint bottles!

I've still got a little ways to go but I'm having a blast...but I will really have a blast to truly feel like I am surrounded by God's beautiful creations while painting!