Tuesday, January 13, 2015

My Documented Life Project - Journal Cover

Well I have finally gotten a blog plan in place and it took a while to have figured out which in result, led to my Documented Life Project - Journal 2015 posts being behind! So the first thing I want to share about it is my Cover to my DLP. I have found that this book travels with me everywhere, even when I know I'm not going to use it. I have dubbed it as my little stuffed animal that I carry around all the time.

The process in making the cover was a short one because all I used were old scraps of under paper and few stamps, gesso, paint, ink pens and washi tape to frame the book around the edges. I wanted it to be simple but alluring so that I will continue to work in it. I think its extremely important to produce a cover for your journal because you will have officially put your mark on it and have claimed it as yours!

Who knows maybe with a cover decorated, that journal just might become more full by the end of the year versus one you don't decorate and claim as your own! And who doesn't like a full and complete journal?

For more information on the still growing free group "Documented Life Project - 2015 Journal" you can click the link HERE for more information to join the unending fun and beautifully encouraging community!

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